Family whose dogs were stolen ‘get hoax calls saying their heads were chopped off’

Simon and Lisa Lilley and their dogs Missy and Biscuit.
The Lilleys’ dogs Missy and Biscuit were taken in March (Picture: BPM)
A family whose dogs were stolen from their Staffordshire home are walking to Downing Street to highlight the cruel hoax calls they have faced. Simon and Lisa Lilley say people have told them over the phone that they have brutally dismembered their dead pets. The couple’s cocker spaniels were taken from a secure garden in Brewood on March 5, before the pair launched a rescue campaign offering a £5,000 reward to find them. But instead the Lilleys say they now field daily hoax calls, with some people even saying they chopped off the heads of Missy, 10, and Biscuit, five, before giving them to a butcher.

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Mr Lilley is walking around 140 miles from their home to 10 Downing Street in an attempt to raise awareness about dognapping and to shed light on the horrible calls that they have received. The couple’s daughter Rachel says the family are still holding out hope of finding their beloved pets. Miss Lilley, 30, explained: ‘We’ve had possibilities, people phoning up saying we’ve seen these dogs but unfortunately they weren’t ours.
Simon Lilley with a jumper and sign showing his stolen dogs.
Simon Lilley is walking to Downing Street to highlight the plight of families whose pets are stolen (Picture: BPM)

‘We’ve had lots of hoax and scam calls, we’ve had children phone us up and say it’s about your dog, then giving us hope and then saying it’s dead.

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‘We want people to see that side of it, we’re not just dealing with the grief of knowing they’re gone, but this too.

‘We’ve had children say: “We’ve chopped off the head and given it to the butcher.”’

She went on: ‘We’ve kind of grown accustomed to it, we have it on a daily basis.

‘That’s what we want the Government to understand, it’s not just us not knowing where they are, we’re having to put up with this.
Cocker spaniels Missy, 10, and Biscuit, five.
The cocker spaniels were taken from their home in Staffordshire (Picture: BPM)

‘They start the conversation drawing you in emotionally saying it’s on this road, it’s in this area and then that happens.

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‘Most of the time they call from private numbers but there’s occasions when they’re stupid enough not to call and block their number, then we report it to the police but it’s normally a burner phone.

‘They’re that gutless they just hang up.’

She said that was part of the reason why they are walking to London.

They are happy that laws around pet abduction have been changed but say convictions need to be higher.

Simon and Lisa Lilley crying in their home in Brewood, Staffordshire, where their dogs were stolen from.
Lisa and Simon have been hugely upset by the calls (Picture: BPM)

Miss Lilley added: ‘My mum still won’t leave the house, she won’t go in the back garden, so I’m making sure my mum is ok then driving over to where dad’s stopping and driving back again.’

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Mr Lilley is starting his walk on Wednesday morning and is due to arrive at Downing Street on Monday, when police will escorting them to the door.

Miss Lilley continued: ‘We want to say how much it’s been affecting us as a family and about the scam calls.

‘The majority are kids then you do get some people saying we’ve got your dogs and trying to get money out of us.

‘We ask for a photo and they always say no. We’re not giving up, we’re so determined to get our girls back.’

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