Faithful dog waits 83 days at spot where his owner was hit by a car and killed

A faithful dog has touched millions of hearts after it was spotted waiting for its owner at the exact spot where she was hit by a car and killed more than 80 days ago.

Every day since the woman’s death on August 21, the dog would show up at the same spot where his owner was hit, waiting for her to return.

Touching footage shows the dog waiting patiently in the middle of the busy road in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, while drivers look on.

Taxi driver Guo Xinhua told China News: ‘It’s been nearly three months now. The dog is always there, rain or shine. It’s so touching.’

A few locals tried to give the dog food, Xinhua added, but it would run away because it was scared of strangers.

However it would always return to the same spot later on.

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Thousands of people were touched by the dog’s devotion after the picture emerged online while some expressed concerns for its welfare.

One person wrote on site Weibo: ‘Sometimes dogs are more faithful than humans, really.

‘It’s so dangerous for the dog to be lingering on the road. I hope someone would give this little pooch a new home.’

According to reports, local charity Blue Hada is currently reaching out to the dog owner’s family.