Every thought if cats love you less than dogs and if it's true?

There are so many people who get confused with a cat's behaviour but it's all too clear with a dog's behaviour. Some people tend to believe that cats love people lesser than dogs do. But is it really true?
After a few kinds of research made on this topic, researches say that cats don't really display the same sort of attachment to their guardians as dogs do. Dogs see their caregiver as a source of safety and this displays more affection towards them. This doesn't mean that all cats don't enjoy their relationship with their guardian. They simply seek human companionship for various reasons and in different ways from dogs do.

Like how dogs would stand by the door for their caregiver to enter the home or leave home. This determines their attachment and separation anxiety as well. This kind of behaviour isn't observed in cats. But this isn't because cats won't miss you when you are gone. This could be due to the fact that cats don't show distress in the ways a dog does.
Cats are more solitary hunters who don't need a bond as closely with social groups to survive as dogs do. Dogs who work and live with humans depend on them for their needs, cat's don't. However, they for sure form a social bond with their owner and show affection to them. This only goes to say how all those theories of dogs love you more than cats do are false. You just have to understand the functioning of cats to that of dogs. Both express affection in drastically different ways.

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