Even Caeleb Dressel's dog is a world-class swimmer — watch the video

Caeleb Dressel is one of the fastest humans in the water, and it turns out his pet might have the same quality!Dressel — who took home five gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics — on Thursday of his beloved black Labrador retriever, Jane, swimming an impressive length of nearly 25 meters in the pool.

The dog starts from the swimming block and dives in just like her Olympian dad. Dressel, already in the water, swims ahead of the dog, holding a dog toy buoy as incentive. Together, the pair make it almost entirely across the length of the pool.

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"Someone check the time to 25," Dressel joked in his caption for the post. "She's built to float not for speed."Dressel's Team USA colleagues and other professionals were impressed with Jane's swimming skills.

"Amazing," Swedish swimmer Sarah Sjöström commented. "She would crush me in 25m for sure."Sjöström is a legend in women's swimming. She holds several world records and was the first Swedish woman to win a gold medal in the sport at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

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Bobby Finke, the Team USA swimmer who won two gold medals in the men's 800-meter and 1,500-meter freestyle swims at Tokyo, also got in on the jokes.

"Start is still better than mine," he quipped.

Dressel has long shared photos and stories about his dog, including a birthday post about her earlier this year.

"Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter," he wrote in the caption with a heart emoji.

Swimmer Caeleb Dressel: ‘I think the sport chose me’

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