Etsy is selling personalised plant pots which feature your dog’s face

two of the dog plant pots
These will definitely cheer you up (Picture: Meow3DStore/Etsy)

If online shopping is helping you through this challenging time, then we’ve found a product that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face – a personalised puppy plant pot.

That’s right, you can get your pet’s face beautifully adorned on a plant pot – because why the hell not?

The marvellous product is currently being sold on Etsy, by online shop Meow3DStore – which has more than 2,000 five-star ratings.

Each handmade planter is personalised to resemble your four-legged friend with all his/her unique features and – if the photos are anything to go by – they’re pretty uncanny.

A personalised dog plant pot
Like twins (Picture: Meow3DStore/Etsy)

There are three different sizes to choose from, a standard which comes in at £87.61, a medium one priced at £110.51 and a large which costs £157.15.

According to the Etsy website, customers looking to get their hands on the adorable planter simply need to send the chosen photo of their pet through the Etsy conversation tool or via email.
A personalised dog plant pot
Spot on (Etsy/Meow3DStore)
A personalised dog plant pot
Uncanny resemblance (Etsy/Meow3DStore)

For dog owners, the company will even make a custom mould to resemble the head shape of their pet and they stress that all breeds are welcome.

Make sure your pet is in good company. Pets get lonely and depressed just like people do when they spend too much time alone. Cats are generally better on their own, but dogs and especially puppies don’t do well left to their own devices for extended periods of time.

But those with other animals can still get in on the action.

A personalised cat plant pot
You can get cat ones too (Picture: Etsy/Meow3DStore)

Meow3DStore says on its Etsy page: ‘We can do just about any animal or if you have a custom request we do that also… thousands of satisfied customers pick us to complete the job… We take pride in every order.’

One happy customer posted a glowing review, stating: ‘This pot came out so amazing, I am truly in awe! This one is a gift for someone else but, I plan to get one for myself!’

While another sang the company’s praises: ‘I purchased one of these custom pupper planters a couple of months ago, and decided that I HAD to have two more! They look just like my girls!! I’m so obsessed with them, and I will be purchasing from Meow3D in the future.’

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