Enjoy your winter hues without kitty flu blues

Did you know your cat needs extra care during winter?

People these days are quite well-informed and cautious when it comes to their pets. But there’s no such thing as too much information when it comes to an animal companion. This winter, let’s talk about seasonal changes affecting cats.

Snuggle with your muggle puffs
- During winter most cats prefer staying indoors. This can become boring. Keep them engaged with different kinds of activities and get new toys.
- During the extreme cold, long-haired cats, like Persians, tend to accumulate snow balls between their foot pads causing pain and even lameness. Check their paws regularly.
- Cats have this habit of crawling under the car bonnet to get warmth from engines. One should always tap the hood before starting the car.
- Avoid using anti-freeze chemicals, like ethylene glycol, since cats are attracted to its taste and it may prove to be fatal after its accidental ingestion.
- Microchip is a must.
- Maintain a calorie surplus diet like chicken, fish, egg, cat food for your pets in winter.
- Winter jackets, warm T-shirts and other winter clothing are a good option to protect them from the cold.
- Keep your cat indoors in a warm and cosy place. You can get specialised beds and beddings for their comfort.
- Doors and windows should be closed during winter to avoid direct winds.
- Try and give them lukewarm water instead of room temperature drinking water.
- Gently massage your pet to make her feel calm and relaxed.
- Go easy on grooming and get the right tools. Hard brushes can cause them pain. Avoid using them.
- Direct access to the litter box, food and water bowl should be made for your pet.
- Consult your vet and provide medicines to reduce pain, good joint movement and for maintaining good overall health.
- Cat parents, watch out if your cat is not vaccinated or facing
more stress, if the immunity is suppressed or the cat is exposed to chilly winter cold.
- Nothing matches the warmth and love you give to your pet. So make them comfortable and cosy this winter and sneak in those extra cuddles.
(The writer is MVSc, Surgery)

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Cat Flu
It’s an upper respiratory tract infection in cats. Elderly immunosuppressed cats are prone to cat flu. It can be fatal because of symptoms like secondary bacterial infection, pneumonia, dehydration or even malnutrition due to disinclination to eat. Bordetellabronchispetica infection in cats causes coughing.

'Are you known by the name of your pet?'
From the moment she took out her feet from the basket, there hasn’t been a moment of melancholy with Ritzy.
Every parent has a wish to be known by the name of their child. Ritzy has earned us that accolade. We are known as Ritzy di, Ritzy uncle or Ritzy aunt.

Initially, we were perturbed about her potty training but now she squeals till we take her downstairs for her daily walks. As we live in a military camp, we have started sending her to a dog school, where she has learnt quite a few things: to salute, shake hands, and roll. All these things with one command, but she never forgets to manifest her ‘Beagle disposition’ – she messes with dogs twice her age and size. Being a single child, I have always been a little lonely, but now I just have to embrace her and she absorbs all the loneliness, and replaces it with love and compassion.

Only if everyone could be as lucky to have the perks of having a pet, the world would be more blissful.
— Shivani Rawat

Are you a proud pet parent?
Have a cute cat story to share? Maybe your guinea pig is giving you trouble? Whatever is your creature companion, we are here to listen to you. Send your photos, queries and stories to [email protected]


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