Emaciated kitten size of Mars bar fighting for life after fleas killed rest of his litter

A KITTEN the same size as a Mars Bar needs lifesaving treatment after his brothers and sisters were killed by fleas.

RSPCA urge people to think of animals’ needs

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Freddo is the sole survivor of his litter after his siblings died as a result of a massive flea infestation. Although he is five weeks old, Freddo weighs less than a two week old kitten at just 160 grams and is the same size as a Mars Bar. He is severely emaciated and dehydrated due to the fleas.

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He now needs critical lifesaving care after being rescued by Gables Dogs and Cats Home in Devon.Freddo received treatment for fleas at a local vet prior to arriving at Gables but still had over 100 blood-suckers on him.The charity’s general manager, Claire Sparkes, took him home to provide specialist 24 hour care and spent several hours meticulously removing the fleas from his skeletal body.

She also feeds him specialist kitten milk every hour, including all through the night, to try and get his weight up.

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Freddo is fighting for his life after fleas killed the rest of his litter. (Image: SWNS)


Freddo weighs just 160g and is the same size as a Mars Bar. (Image: SWNS)

The charity’s dedication has paid off as he is starting to eat small amounts of specialist kitten solid food and has gained a small amount of weight. However, he is still at a dangerously low weight for a kitten of his age.

Ms Sparkes said: “When we were approached to help Freddo, we just had to give him the best possible chance at life.

''As the only survivor of his litter we owe it to him to help him succeed in his fight for survival, as he has already proven to us that he has a strong desire to live.

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''It is so frustrating to see animals suffer like this when it is so easily preventable with basic vet care such as flea and worm prevention treatments. We are determined to help him recover and gain weight so he can go on to live a happy and healthy life.”

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Freddo is severely emaciated and dehydrated due to the fleas. (Image: SWNS)It is estimated it will cost Gables an additional £600 for Freddo’s lifesaving nutrition, expert veterinary treatment and 24 hour care.

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The charity does not receive any government funding and has had a particularly tough year with financial strain from the Covid pandemic.

Gables is now asking for donations to help fund Freddo’s treatment and help the other animals in their care.

Anyone wanting to donate can call 01752 331602 or visitwww.justgiving.com/campaign/funsizedfreddoto donate online.

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