Elsa the Shih Tzu is left almost completely bald by unmanaged skin condition

Elsa before and after
Elsa before and after (Picture: Blue Cross)
When five-year-old Elsa arrived at Blue Cross in Suffolk, she was almost completely bald. The ShihTzu was signed over to the pet charity’s rehoming centre with broken and sore skin and she covered in fleas.

Vets discovered she was suffering from sarcoptic mange, which, if left untreated, can cause dogs to lose all their fur.

Claire Williamson, Centre Manager at Blue Cross Suffolk, said: ‘We were shocked when Elsa arrived in our care. Her condition was so severe that she had almost no fur left on her body.

‘Not only was her skin very sore, cracked and bleeding in places, but it was clear she was very irritated by the condition.’

Elsa on arrival
Elsa on arrival (Picture: Blue Cross)
But Elsa is now recovering and they hope to be able to rehome her in the future.

After daily antibiotics, steroids and medicated baths, she has been moved out of isolation.

Elsa is now doing better and her hair is growing back
Elsa is now doing better and her hair is growing back (Picture: Blue Cross)
She is being fostered by one of the team members from Suffolk in their home while she continues her treatment, but once she is fully recovered, they will be trying to find her a permanent home.

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Susie Winship, Animal Welfare Assistant at Blue Cross Suffolk, who has been fostering Elsa, added: ‘She’s doing so well and the medication has made a massive difference already. It’s great to see. ‘Elsa’s got such a cheeky personality and is getting sassier by the day. She really is an awesome little dog and is going to make someone the best companion.’

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