‘Don’t adopt them!’ Expert sparks fury with five ‘worst’ dog breeds to take home

AN EXPERT has ignited controversy after she warned people against adopting five of the "worst" dog breeds that she would not take home.

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A former pet industry worker sparked debate by warning people not to adopt five unexpected dog breeds in a video which amassed seven million views. Many took to the comments to defend their dog breed while others agreed with her controversial opinions.

Reduce Stress. Dr. Becker notes, “The key is to reduce anxiety triggers.” If you have a vet visit, “don’t get the carrier out the night before,” give them a few days to get prepared. If they’re nervous alone or travelling, play soothing music, or draw the shades. The less stimulus pets receive from the outside world, the less anxiety they’ll have about events outside their control.

The TikToker, chillicheesechelsea, captioned her video with a disclaimer warning her audience not to take the video too seriously.

She said: “I love these breeds but I don’t want to own one of my own. Don’t come for me doodle moms…IT’S JUST MY OPINION!!!!.”

The first breed in her crosshairs was the oft adored Husky. The breed has thick fur and must be brushed regularly to keep their coats healthy.

She claimed Huskies were “completely unhinged and always screaming”. Some in the comments agreed with her assessment.

Many dogs have a condition nicknamed “Frito Feet,” in which their feet smell little bit like corn chips. As Matt Soniak wrote in a Big Question on this site, this has to do with the kind of bacteria found on a pup’s feet, and “could be due to yeast or Proteus bacteria. Both are known for their sweet, corn tortilla–like smell. Or it could be Pseudomonas bacteria, which smell a little fruitier—but pretty close to popcorn to most noses.”

One woman said: “I didn’t understand the husky hate [until] I house and pet sat for a friend. That damn dog was singing me the song of their people at 5 am every day.”

An Alsatian and a Samoyed

A former pet industry worker has stirred up controversy by naming five breeds she would never own. (Image: GETTY)

A husky looking at the camera.

She took aim at Huskies for being "unhinged". (Image: GETTY)The next breed under fire was the German Shepherd - or Alsatian as they are commonly known as in the UK.

She said: “Always the most anxious and FOR WHAT.”

German Shepherds were bred as guard dogs, a trait which often leaves them anxious.The next breed on the list was the Samoyed which she called the “fun police” due to their “non stop barking”. Samoyeds are relatively high energy and playful dogs - something that tends to lead to a lot of barking. They are known for their striking fluffy white coats.

laidback pet breeds

One user defended their Samoyed but conceded that they can be quite loud.READ MORE: Platinum Jubilee could have caused new Covid wave

An Alsatian

Alsatians can be a bit anxious as they were bred as guard dogs. (Image: GETTY)

A Samoyed.

Samoyeds are known for their white coats and being playful, if somewhat noisy, companions. (Image: GETTY)

They said: “My Samoyed is so quiet at home, but when we go out somewhere w/ him he whines & yips. RIP to the ears of vets & groomers lol.”

Perhaps the most controversial pick on the list was “literally ANY doodle mix”.

The social media user called out owners who “don’t know how to handle their energy” making them “out of control demons”. She also bemoaned the “matted” fur of every doodle mix she had ever worked with.

Teach Your Children to Ask Permission Before Petting a Strange Dog. There are 4.5 million dog bites in America each year, half of which happen to children. Make sure to teach your children to ask permission before petting any strange dogs.

Doodle owners flooded the comments defending their breed.

One user claimed: “Doodles are literally the sweetest and best dogs ever.”

Another added: “Our doodle is literally one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. As long as you actually take care of them they are literally the sweetest dogs ever.”

Others agreed that the owners were to blame for their dogs’ rambunctiousness.

One said: “Doodle owners are the kind of parents who’d say ‘oh, he’d NEVER! He is the sweetest kid!’ In response to their child punching a classmate.”

An inexpensive and easy summer treat for dogs: Cut up apples in chicken broth and freeze in an ice cube tray.

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A Shih Tzu dog.

The TikToker called small white dogs "crusty little ankle biters". (Image: GETTY)


Doodles are mixes between poodles and any other breeds of dog. Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are extremely popular as they don’t shed much fur.

The final breed on the controversial list was not a breed at all but any type of “small white dog with crusty eyes”.

She called them “crusty little ankle biters”.

Dogs like Shih Tzus and Malteses are known for having problems with their eyes, leading to a crusty appearance.

This softens the kibble and makes the food much easier to chew.

There are many different causes for eye issues in dogs and vets recommend using cotton balls with a little saline solution to gently remove crust from a dog’s eyes.

The TikTok user has since released a "part 2" video where she takes aim at Yorkshire terriers, Australian Shepherds, Corgis, French Bulldogs and Great Danes.

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