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Tulipana was only two months old when she was rescued from the streets of Guatemala in deplorable conditions. She suffered all of the usual stray burdens and then some. When she was brought back to the shelter everything seemed fine if only for a moment. It was then that her rescuers noticed she was having diarrhea and she was quickly losing a lot of hair. They had to act fast if she were to survive.

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She was brought to the vet immediately after and the vet diagnosed her with a multitude of ailments including: intense skin irritation due to untreated mange, severe undernourishment, and parasites. She has been kept in hospital to treat her diarrhea and make sure she is receiving regular medicated baths. She has also been placed on a good diet with supplements to help her digestion.

She is doing everything she can to survive this fight, and we are doing our best to support her and the wonderful souls looking after her. We are looking to raise the funds needed for her treatment and cover the $220 vet bill. Any donations you could spare will help Tulipana start a new life free from suffering and debt. If you cannot donate, please share this story with your family and friends. She has been through so much pain already for such a young puppy and she deserves a shot at happiness. Thank you for your consideration.

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