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Kiwi was a small ~3-month-old baby when she was rescued from the streets of a small town in Guatemala. The person who rescued her took Kiwi to a shelter in Sumpango, Guatemala. There she gets food every day and has a safe place to live! With some love and care, little by little she started to grow happier and healthier. Her first visit to the vet was a few days after she got to the shelter where she was treated for diarrhea she was having due to parasites, and she was fixed. All seemed to be starting to look up for her, or at least we had hoped…

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Four months later, the shelter staff noticed that the puppy had wounds around her mouth and that her skin was red and irritated. She had started losing her hair. What was going on? Shelter staff thought she had gotten hurt, so a volunteer took her to a consult with the vet. She was diagnosed with mange. She was hospitalized at the veterinary hospital for two weeks to receive medicated baths to treat her, and when kiwi’s skin was no longer irritated and her hair started to regrow, she was taken back to the shelter. The staff there continued with the medicated baths for 3 more weeks and kept a close eye on her from that point on.

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This was a minor hiccup in her road to happiness, but we are still doing all we can to make it as easy for her as possible. Her rescuers are doing a great job looking after her but still need the help of kind wonderful hearts like yours. We are looking to raise $300 for her vet bills so that her care may continue uninhibited. She has been through so much pain already for such a young puppy and he deserves a shot at happiness. Thank you for your consideration.