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Blady was found with another puppy roaming alone together in a field. His rescuer took him and the other pup to a shelter in Sumpango Guatemala. Both puppies have had daily food and shelter. They are now free from the dangers of living on the streets. However, Four months later, the shelter staff noticed that Blady started to lose hair. Little did they know this was the start of Blady’s harshest journey. The shelter does not have an in-house veterinary, so a volunteer took him to a consult with an outside vet. Blady was diagnosed with a fungal infection and the vet recommended medicated baths twice a week. The shelter staff and volunteers started to give Blady the baths but he did not improve. Moreover, he was starting to lose more hair and began having diarrhea. They finally decided they needed to hospitalize him. So, he was hospitalized for four weeks to treat his diarrhea and make sure he is receiving regular medicated baths. He has also been placed on a better diet with supplements to help his digestion. Weeks later, his hair started to grow back, and started to gain weight! With things looking up, he was finally able to go back to the shelter with the other dogs and wait for a family who wants to adopt him.

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He is doing everything he can to survive this fight, and we are doing our best to support him and the wonderful souls looking after him. We are looking to raise the funds needed for his treatment and cover the $480 vet bill. Any donations you could spare will help Blady start a new life free from suffering and debt. If you cannot donate, please share this story with your family and friends. He has been through so much pain already for such a young puppy and he deserves a shot at happiness. Thank you for your consideration.