Dogs Trust stops adoptions during Christmas so people don't rush into it

Three beautiful dogs at the park waiting for attention
You’ll have to wait if you’re planning to adopt a dog (Picture: Getty)

Yes, getting a dog as a Christmas present is a wonderful gift but are you really prepared for a pet?

Does your landlord allow pets, are you ready financially and socially ready to care for it?

Christmas is a hectic time and you may not have time to spend as much time and care towards a beloved pooch.

So to prevent people from rushing into any decisions, Dogs Trust has suspended its adoptions.

That means no one can adopt any of the pooches during the festive treatment, to ensure none are left without all the love and care they need.

And it’s not just because dogs need attention during the festive period – the first few months are crucial for the animal.

Basic training and positive socialisation is critical for our doggos within the first few months of getting them.

If you’re getting one in December, the festivities of ending the year and ushering in a new one might not allow you to let the canines adust properly.

And so Dogs Trust has decided that 16 December will be the last opportunity to adopt a dog.

Anyone looking to give a dog a forever home after that can do so from 4 January 2020 when the charity is taking applications again.

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Dog in Christmas jumper
Sorry buddy, you’ll have to wait (Picture: Getty)
Adam Clowes, who is the Dogs Trust operations director explained to ‘Every dog deserves to find their special someone, and this doesn’t change because it’s Christmas.

‘Dog ownership is a wonderful thing, but our slogan is about reminding people that it’s a lifelong commitment which must be carefully considered, not just at Christmas but all year round.’

But not everyone celebrates Christmas, so anyone who can demonstrate that they can provide the perfect forever home can still get in touch with the charity.

‘Not everyone celebrates the festive season, and for some families having additional time off from work and other commitments could make it a good time to settle in a new dog,’ added Adam. ‘We will only ever rehome a dog after a lot of discussion with their new family, and if they’re having a particularly busy Christmas, the dog will stay and celebrate Christmas with us, ready to head off to their new home in the New Year.’

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