Dogs getting fat in lockdown with London pets putting on most weight

Fat pug standing on a grass and looking up at owner.
The average dog has put on half a stone during the course of the pandemic (Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto)
The average dog has put on almost half a stone since the pandemic began with pets in London gaining the most weight, new research suggests. A survey by charity Guide Dogs found Brits have been feeding their pets more treats and taking them on less walks while working from home.

Nearly a quarter of those surveyed put extra snacking down the fact they are spending more time with their dogs , while one in five said they just can’t resist their puppy eyes.

Other reasons given for extra treats include trying to keep pets quiet during important conference calls and to stop them barking when home deliveries arrive.

The research found pets with male owners have gained more weight than those with female owners.

The average dog dad said their pet has put on 4.1kg (9 Ibs) across the year, compared to 2.8kg (6 Ibs) in dogs owned by women.

overweight Russell terrier dog
Dog owners admit feeding their pets more and walking them less (Picture: Getty)

While a third of those surveyed blamed ‘lockdown lard’ on dipping into the treat tin more often whilst home working, a quarter admitted that they take their dog on fewer walks due to longer working hours and struggling with a lack of routine at home.

Stay consistent with training, play time and rest time for your pets so they don’t get too overwhelmed. Your calm and consistent demeanor will help your pet to understand that they can trust you. Once you earn their trust, understand the schedule, and feel secure in their safe place, both of your lives will be much easier.

Perhaps due to having less access to countryside and green spaces, dogs living in London saw the largest average weight gain at 5kgs – or half a stone.

Dogs in Yorkshire and East Anglia saw the lowest average weight increase at 2.4kg (5Ibs).

Dogs that don’t get enough exercise can develop behavioural problems such as licking too much or chewing things.

Dr Helen Whiteside, Head of Research at Guide Dogs, said: ‘Our research has shown that lockdown has had a significant impact on many dogs’ health and wellbeing. And while a little weight gain is not the end of the world, it is important that owners address it as soon as possible, to prevent medical issues like heart disease, diabetes and joint problems later down the line.

‘A healthier dog is a happier dog, so owners should prioritise daily walks, consider healthy treat swaps and check their weight on a regular basis.’

In response to the research, Guide Dogs are urging the nation to sign up to their May ‘Walk your Socks off’ challenge.

Anyone who takes part is encouraged to raise at least £50 to help fund the charity’s efforts to aid children and adults in the UK living with sight loss.

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