Dogs & D-Day: How to include your pet in your wedding

Pet-inclusive weddings are on the rise, and understandably so, because why should one leave their furry buddies out from their special day?
Opt for a pet-friendly venue

Animals are prohibited at several wedding venues, so it's important to check and sort out permissions beforehand.
Sharadha Vijay, who got married in a church in Chennai, says, "Since pets aren't allowed at the church, I threw a soiree the next day at a pet friendly venue, to specially include my baby Euro in my celebrations. I kept a bag ready with treats, toys and water, and also delegated the responsibility of making sure Euro was comfortable throughout to my relative," says Sharadha.
Nagpur-based dentist, Purbi Edbor has left no stone unturned to make sure that her pet Pepper attended her big day on December 19. “Since my baby is a tiny Shih Tzu, the hotel staff has given me a go-ahead, but we have been instructed to keep his entry strictly via back door only,” says Purbi.
Decking up for the D-day
Be it flaunting a bejewelled bow or a trendy tuxedo, the pooches too set fashion goals at the wedding galas. "I got matching outfits designed for my doggo Oscar for every wedding function. But I didn't go overboard as it could have irritated him," says Mumbai-based fitness trainer, Snehi Shah, adding, "He literally walked down the aisle with me, and became a cynosure of all eyes in that pink waistcoat."
Jewellery designer Prernaa Makhariaa says, "We have quite a few soon-to-be married youngsters ordering delicate pet accessories such as a collar pendant with their initials and even getting a customised nine karat gold tag so they can twin with them on the D-day. Keeping the comfort factor in mind, we make sure that the edges are not sharp and doesn't rub on the animal's skin."

I had taken my pet Neo for a grooming session prior to my wedding. For the special day, my mother-in-law gifted him a bow and a waistcoat, which belonged to my husband Amaan, when he was a kid.
- Sheefa Gilani, a fashion stylist

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