Dog with a sign protests all the annoying things done to her

Dog holding a sign saying stop using me as your pick-up line
Well, she’s got a point (Picture: @dogwithsign)

Do you use your dog as a conversation starter with an attractive stranger?

Perhaps you fart and blame it on the pet? And if you’re super cheeky, you might even claim the doggo ate your homework (no one believes that one, pal).

Well, one canine is here to protest all that.

Sick of the annoying things done to her, Baboy, lovingly known as Dog With A Sign, holds up useful reminders. The two-year-old Cavapoo has been delighting her followers on Instagram where he’s racked up more than 20,000 followers.
Baboy who lives in New York with her owner Caroline holds up each poster with her mouth. Caroline started an account after seeing Dude with Sign, a two-million strong profile of Seth, the man who holds up very relatable signs. In a similar vein, Baboy’s hilarious signs say things such as ‘stop using me as pick-up lines’ and ‘stop pretending to throw the ball’.

She’s even made some political statements with posters saying ‘tug not war’ (we stan a topical dog).

We caught up with Baboy, who emailed us to say she’s the goodest girl.
Dog holding a sign saying 'tug not war'
Preach (Picture: @dogwithsign)
She said: ‘My name is Baboy (aka Babi, Babs, Wiggle Butt) and I am @dogwithsign.

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‘My mum thought Dude With a Sign was pretty funny and since I am a very good girl I thought I’d make her smile with some signs of my own.

‘I get help from my friends and family to come up with ideas and ask my mum to write the signs (after all, I am a dog).’

Caroline also told us that it’s been amazing to make people on the internet smile because of her content.

And because it’s imperative for one to keep their professional life separate from their private, Baboy also has her own Insta account detailing her every day, non-sign-holding life.

All work and no play makes life dull for Baboy we guess.

Here are more pictures of Baboy holding signs:

Dog sitting on toilet holding sign saying toilets are just big water bowls
Gross water bowls (Picture: @dogwithsign)
Dog holding sign saying poop strike, due to rain
Let’s hope that rain clears up soon (Picture: @dogwithsign)
Dog holding sign saying stop pretending to throw the ball
Stop pretending! (Picture: @dogwithsign)
Dog holding sign
One to watch out for (Picture: @dogwithsign)
Dog holding sign saying stop blaming your farts on me
For shame (Picture: @dogwithsign)
Dog holding sign saying I will not be curbed
Delinquent dog (Picture: @dogwithsign)
Dog relaxing
When she’s not working (Picture: @dogwithsign)

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