Dog who’s been waiting for a home for seven years begs for a ‘second chance’

Lonely dog waiting 7 years to find a home begs for a second chance
Ginger has been waiting for a home for more than seven years (Picture: Mission Driven)

Ready for your heart to break into a million tiny pieces?

Get to know Ginger. Ginger is a Labrador and Shar Pei mix who has been waiting to find a loving home for more than seven years. She came into the care of Dogwood Animal Shelter, in Missouri, after being rescued from an abusive situation.

But while she’s fully trained and a lovely dog, getting Ginger adopted has been tricky, in part because she needs to be the only pet at home and can’t live with small children.

She can also be a little nervous in the kennel environment, so might be struggling to form a quick bond with potential adopters.

The abuse she experienced left her with emotional and behavioural issues for quite some time, understandably, but she’s much happier and healthier now.

ginger came to the shelter after experiencing abuse
Ginger came into the shelter’s care after being abused (Picture:
This week, though, Ginger has suddenly seen a massive increase in interest after a photo of her was shared on Facebook by Mission Driven.

In the picture Ginger is shown asking people to give her a chance.

A sign next to her kennel reads: ‘Hi, I’m Ginger. I’ve been here waiting 7 years, 9 months, 2 weeks, 2 days.

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‘I’m a good girl! I promise! I just need a 2nd chance.’

Anyone else tearing up?

ginger the dog
She’s received loads of adoption applications after this heartbreaking photo was shared more than 46,000 times on Facebook (Picture: Mission Driven)

That post ended up being shared more than 46,000 times and received thousands of comments in support of Ginger.

Mission Driven shared another post later on, writing: ‘Thank you for the outpouring of concern about Ginger.

‘Long term residency for animals in a true no-kill shelter is a problem not unique to Dogwood Animal Shelter.

‘The fact that she would be best placed in a home with no other animals or small children has narrowed the possibilities, but we never give up trying.’

If your heart has been touched by Ginger’s story, it’s worth sharing it in the hopes of matching her up with the ideal owner.
Lonely dog waiting 7 years to find a home begs for a second chance Taken without permission Picture:
But she’s still waiting to meet her perfect owner (Picture: )
Whoever adopts Ginger will need to be based in Missouri, so the dog doesn’t have to travel for ages to reach her new home, and will need to have no young children or other pets.

She’ll need to be matched with someone who can be patient and give her plenty of love and affection as she learns to trust again.

Ginger’s bio on her adoption page reads: ‘I have been in an abusive situation so I am particular on who I like. If I like you I am a wonderful dog.

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‘I am one of those dogs that the kennel just terrifies me!! I just recently completed the Dogwood 6 week obedience class, too. So I can sit, stay, lay down and shake.

‘I absolutely LOVE car rides! Overall I am a very loving, affectionate, obedient and playful companion.’

If you think you could give Ginger a loving home, get in touch through her adoption profile.

Do you have a story to share? Get in touch by emailing [email protected] .

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