Dog who just wants a fuss still patiently waiting for forever home after almost 500 days

A DOG who "loves a fuss" is still patiently waiting to be picked after almost 500 days at a rescue centre.

RSPCA share the 'best rescues and releases' during lockdown

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Snowy has been at the RSPCA's Birmingham Animal Centre for 16 months. And despite waiting for so long, the nine-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier has still not found a forever home.

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Snowy enjoys being lavished with attention from people, going for long walks and playing tug of war.Kennel supervisor Kelly Legg said: “Snowy loves a fuss and has lots of energy so she’ll need someone who can keep up with her.

"She absolutely loves to play but be warned, soft toys don’t last long around her."


Snowy has been at the RSPCA's Birmingham Animal Centre for 16 months (Image: RSPCA)

Snowy is looking for experienced owners who can help with her anxiety around other dogs.

She will need to be kept on the lead and wear a muzzle when out in public as her previous owner let her run free which led to altercations with other dogs.

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Ms Legg added: “It’s really important that Snowy’s new owners understand how important it is to adhere to these rules and, sadly, we think the muzzle is putting potential adopters off.”READ MORE: Rescue dog who was 'terrified of everything' struggling to find home


The nine-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier has still not found a forever home (Image: RSPCA)

Snowy is very clever and would be keen to learn more tricks with a new owner.

She needs to be the only pet in the home but may be able to live with older children.

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Snowy is looking for an experienced owner (Image: RPSCA)


Her adopters will also need a secure, enclosed garden.

Find out more about Snowy here.

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