Dog who can only use two limbs gets prosthetic leg so he can go snowboarding

Gus the dog on his prosthetic leg and snowboard
Gus uses his snowboard to play with his friends in winter (Picture: Caters)

Gus was born with a congenital deformity that means he can’t use his front legs like most dogs .

But that hasn’t stopped the Carolina/Husky mix being a playful pup.

Most of the time, he gets around by jumping and with some help from his owner Melody Rezzonico, 27. She bought him a wheelchair but it didn’t work when it got cold where they live in Laramie, Wyoming, U.S.

So instead she got a custom made prosthetic leg to hold his body and put it on a piece of plastic like a snowboard so he can race through the snow.

Melody said: ‘Seeing Gus run and be able to keep up with other dogs is the best feeling in the world.
Gus, the one-year-old Carolina/Husky mix is on a snowboard instead of wheels in the snow
Go, Gus, go (Picture: Melody Rezzonico/Caters News)

‘Every time he puts his prosthetic legs on, he knows he’s going on an adventure and his face just lights up.

‘As a dog, Gus has no clue that he’s any different from the others.

‘He’s incredibly goofy, always wanting to wrestle, play tug of war, go on walks, beg for treats and belly rubs.

‘He has completely adapted to life with two legs.’

Gus was abandoned in South Dakota when he was four months old and Melody found him at a local shelter.

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She decided to take him home and has worked with him to create ways he can be active as although she found he could ‘scoot’ around, he would often fall forward and hurt his chin.

Thanks to the prosthetic, Gus has climbed 14,000-foot mountains and been able to run through sand dunes.

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