Dog survives after owner shot and dragged her by a rope

Alma the dog
Alma was allegedly shot twice before being dragged home where her owner is believed to have intended to kill her (Picture: Mundo Vivo)

A hunter who allegedly shot his dog twice and dragged her by a rope after she gave birth is being investigated by police.

Two devastated motorists stopped their car as they witnessed the heartless owner dragging the bleeding dog – who was still alive – along the floor and began to film the scene.

The dog, called Alma or ‘soul’ in Spanish, gave birth to six puppies before she was subjected to the horrific attack, during which she suffered two broken legs, head injuries and wounds from being dragged on the ground.

After the dog survived the shooting, the hunter is believed to have struck her in the head and dragged her home so he could finish the job there.

But he was stopped in his tracks by Ramon Feijoo and his wife Virginia Gonzalez and can be overheard arguing with the hunter in the video, who yells: ‘Stop filming me’.

Warning: Distressing footage.

Dog shot by owner Picture: MUNDO VIVO
Alma had just given birth to six puppies (Picture: Mundo Vivo)

Ramon replies: ‘What you are doing is inhumane, I’m not filming you, I’m filming the animal and what you’re doing.’

According to local media, the incident occurred on Saturday in Chantada, in the north-western Spanish province of Galicia.

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Virginia told a local TV station: ‘We heard a shot and then a dog barking and saw this man with a gun.

‘He said he was taking the animal home, that he was a hunter and that he could do it. When we said we were going to call the police he started to drag it along the ground with a rope round its neck.

‘My husband began to film him because we didn’t know what was going to happen.’

Animal welfare organisation, Mundo Vivo, said on Monday that it had reported the unnamed hunter to police and would be undertaking legal action.
Dog shot by ownerPicture: MUNDO VIVO
The poor animal was dragged along the ground bleeding before the strangers intervened (Picture: Mundo Vivo)
Dog shot by owner Picture: MUNDO VIVO
Luckily the puppies are doing well (Picture: Mundo Vivo)

It said the puppies were doing well and although the mother suffered horrific injuries, she is believed to be in a stable condition.

The NGO based in Asturias, northern Spain, published a photo of Alma’s puppies – who are just three weeks old – and footage of the incident on Saturday. A spokesman added: ‘These are the babies of the dog that is fighting for its life – the animal that was shot, beaten and dragged along the ground by a hunter in Chantada, Lugo.

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‘We hope this scum receives the justice he deserves. We need exemplary sentences for these monsters.’

Dog shot by owner Picture: mundovivoorg
Alma is said to be in a stable condition despite her horrific injuries (Picture: Mundo Vivo)
A petition has also been launched for poor Alma, receiving thousands of signatures, calling for ‘everyone’s cooperation so this crime doesn’t go unpunished and the full weight of the law falls on this madman.’ Laura Duarte, President of Spanish animal rights’ party PACMA, said: ‘The revulsion and rage these images make me feel is indescribable.

‘In this county this savagery is not always punished by way of a prison sentence.

‘We are fighting against that. In the next few hours we will be informing you about the action we intend taking.’

Additional reporting by Natalia Penza.