Dog stares through window for 10 hours waiting for owner to come home

A dog left home alone has been filmed waiting by the window for 10 hours for his owner to come home from work.

Recordings from a home security camera show the one-year-old border collie, called Pi Dan or ‘Naughty’, continuously gazing out of the window in his home in Shenyang, China. After spotting his owner returning, the loyal pet rushed to the door to excitedly greet her, MailOnline reports. Naughty’s owner, known by her surname Zhang, told MailOnline: ‘He does it very often. Most of the time, he would spend the entire morning just waiting there.

‘Sometimes he would maybe take a short nap in the afternoon.’

She shared the footage on Chinese app Douyin, which is like TikTok, last Wednesday. Naughty is seen leaning against the window and looking down as he watched Ms Zhang leaving the building and going to work at around 7.30am.

For the next 10 hours, the faithful dog remained in the same spot while continuously looking into the distance, appearing to attempt to catch sight of his owner.

Owner films dog while he's at work and loving pet spends all 10 hours looking out of window for his return
One-year-old bordie collie Naughty waited for his owner to return by the window all day (Picture: @douyin / 125587963)
Owner films dog while he's at work and loving pet spends all 10 hours looking out of window for his return
Here he is still at 3.30pm. He waited for his owner, Ms Zhang, for 10 hours (Picture: @douyin / 125587963)

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Owner films dog while he's at work and loving pet spends all 10 hours looking out of window for his return
When Ms Zhang returns Naughty immediately rushes to the door to excitedly greet her (Picture: @douyin / 125587963)
When he spotted Ms Zhang returning home from the window at about 5.45pm, Naughty instantly leapt off the bed and rushed to greet her, jumping with excitement.

‘It broke my heart seeing that footage,’ Ms Zhang said, ‘But I have no other way.’

She added having a nine-to-five office job gave her stability, but also prevented her from spending more time with Naughty.

‘I try my best to take him everywhere to play during weekends and holidays,’ she said.

‘I also considered keeping another dog, but I was worried that they would both wait for me. I would be even more heartbroken.’

Many pet owners commented on the video, admitting they share the same guilt for their dogs.

One viewer wrote: ‘After keeping a dog, not being home for one day feels like a sin. I would feel so guilty and I would do anything to stay with it all the time. It’s like being in a romantic relationship!’

Someone else added: ‘I have the exact same working time as you. My dog has the exact same waiting time as yours.’

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