Dog put down after being found in horrific state as 'no way to fix amount of pain'

A DOG has been put to sleep after being dumped in a terrible state in a park in Scotland.


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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier type was found in Ferguslie Park in Paisley on May 14. She was suffering from a hugely inflamed and ulcerated mass on her lip which was affecting her teeth.

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Vets said it was likely that she had been left in pain for a "long period of time".

The neglected dog also had overgrown nails and was suffering from a number of other health conditions.

The decision was made to put her down as there was "no way to fix the amount of pain she was".

The Scottish SPCA has launched an appeal for information about the female dog, who was not wearing a collar or microchipped.


The poor dog was suffering from a hugely inflamed and ulcerated mass on her lip (Image: SCOTTISH SPCA)Scottish SPCA inspector, Isla Bell, said: “The dog is an older female, and is mostly dark brindle in colour.

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"She has four white paws and a white chest.

“She was not microchipped or wearing a collar or any tags.

“After a veterinary examination, it was discovered that she had an inflamed and ulcerated lip which affected her teeth.

"It had likely been this way for a long period of time, and would have been extremely painful.

“She also had overgrown nails, and a number of other health conditions which were causing her an extensive amount of suffering.


“Sadly veterinary advice was given to put this dog to sleep due to the severity of her condition, as there was no way to fix the amount of pain she was in."

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Anyone with information about the dog is asked to call the Scottish SPCA's confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.

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