Dog pinned down and ‘force fed drain water’ so it can be sold for meat

Shocking video shows the brutal reality of Vietnam's dog trade
Shocking video shows the brutal reality of Vietnam’s dog trade
This horrifying video shows a helpless dog being fattened up with drain water before being butchered for meat in Vietnam. Fight Dog Meat shared footage showing five men preparing to shove a ‘filthy plastic drain’ full of ‘putrid’ water down the throat of a suspected stolen pet.

The animal welfare charity say dog traders routinely stomach pump their prey to increase the dogs ’ body weight before selling them for meat.

In the video, the dog’s jaw and legs are held together to stop it from struggling as a plastic tube is prepared.

The dog is wearing a collar, suggesting it may have been stolen, Fight Dog Meat say.

The group claim the video cuts off just before a tube is shoved down the dog’s throat, as the person secretly filming the distressing scene was spotted and had to run away from the dangerous traders.

Describing what happens on a ‘daily basis’ in Vietnam, the animal rights group said: ‘Filthy plastic tubing is rammed down the dogs’ throat for putrid drain water to be force fed into their stomach. Its done to increase each dog’s body weight just before selling them to butchers for dog meat.

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‘This takes place every day. The dog in the video is wearing a collar so its probably someone’s stolen pet.’

The person who posted the video claims they have personally witnessed this happening in Vietnam, where the dog meat trade ‘is one of the most dangerous and violent’ in the world.

Fight Dog Meat said: ‘When the dog traders in this video saw the camera, the person filming took off before the traders could reach them.

‘We want the world to know what is happening to animals in Vietnam. We want those in power to know we’re strengthening the voice of Vietnam’s animal lovers, on behalf of their animals in crisis.’

Shocking video shows dog being force-fed 'drain water' so it can be sold for meat in Vietnam
The dog is taken to a muddy pool of water which it is forced to drink (Picture: Fight Dog Meat)
Shocking video shows dog being force-fed 'drain water' so it can be sold for meat in Vietnam
It is pinned down by five men as a plastic tube is prepared (Picture: Fight Dog Meat)
Shocking video shows dog being force-fed 'drain water' so it can be sold for meat in Vietnam
Animal rights groups say the idea is to fatten up the dog before selling it to a butcher (Picture: Fight Dog Meat)
Over 80% of the Vietnamese population in Vietnam eat dogs, according to the World Dog Alliance.

It is part of everyday life in the country, with many places putting grilled dog on public display.

Last year, Hanoi became the first city in Vietnam to ban the dog meat trade.

The move was welcomed by animal welfare groups who have criticised the ‘inhumane’ practice.

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The World Dog Alliance say Vietnamese dogs are crammed in cages enduring heat, hunger and dehydration on their way to the slaughterhouse.
Shocking video shows dog being force-fed 'drain water' so it can be sold for meat in Vietnam
The distressing footage highlights Vietnam’s ‘dangerous and inhumane’ dog trade (Picture: Fight Dog Meat)

To maximize the profit, traders force-feed dogs to fatten them up, usually through a feeding pipe down the stomach.

The dogs are commonly pinned down with clamps, meaning they can do nothing but moan for help.