Dog owners warned after sausages laced with fish hooks left on road

Warning to dog owners after sausages laced with fish hooksPicture: @dido15METROGRAB
Warning to dog owners after sausages laced with fish hooks (Picture: Twitter / @dido15)
Dog owners in Glasgow have been warned to be vigilant of their pets eating food found on the road after a man was spotted leaving sausages wrapped with fish hooks on the ground. Twitter user Dawn McIntosh shared photos of the dangerous meat products on Tuesday, describing how her son had witnessed a man ‘throwing something on the ground and hurrying away’ in Knightswood.

On closer inspection, he discovered that the items were sausages with sharp, curved hooks tied onto them with string, providing a potential hazard for curious canines out on walks with their owners.

Posting the pictures to warn others, Dawn captioned her post: ‘Knightswood this morning… guy spotted throwing something onto ground and hurrying away.’ She added that Scotland Police had been notified, before warning: ‘All dog/animal owners be vigilant please.’ Dawn posted a similar alert on Facebook, specifying the location of the offence as Cowdenhill Road, in Knightswood, a suburb of Glasgow.

Knightswood this morning.. guy spotted throwing something onto ground and hurrying away… @policescotland have been notified!! All dog/animal owners be vigilant please 🙏🙏

— Dawn McIntosh (@dido15)

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Several people on social media expressed their upset at the unusual package, bewildered at the decision someone would make to potentially bring harm to innocent pets.

Appealing for information on the culprit, Glenn Thompson, an independent councillor for South Shields, commented: ‘Someone has sat down, thought about this and taken the time to manufacture something that would cause the maximum pain and heartache! What state of mind must they be in?’

He was far from the only person who was horrified at the discovery, with other social media users slamming the move as ‘pure evil’.

At this time, no suspect has been identified.

This follows a similar dangerous report in Anderston, 4.9miles away from Knightswood, where pins were found laced in dog biscuits in June. As the seventh related incident in the area since March 2018, it sparked the opening of an official investigation by the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Police have been contacted for comment.

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