Dog owners issued warning after pet bitten on neck by venomous snake during walk

DOG owners have been issued a warning after a pet was bitten by a venomous snake during a walk.


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The incident took place last Thursday at Burncrooks Reservoir in Glasgow. The owner said he was walking his dog on a path when his pet was bitten by an adder.

The man admitted he did not know the risks to his pooch and is now trying to raise awareness.

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He said his pet was now being treated at a vets and was "doing OK".

The owner's warning was shared in a Facebook post by Glenbrae Veterinary Clinic.

The post said: "Hi folks, be aware of Adders up at Burncrooks Reservoir.


Adder bites are fairly rare, according to Vets4Pets (Image: GETTY)

"This afternoon my dog got bitten on the neck, while we were walking on the pathway up near to the angling club building.

"Knowing very little about snakes I didn’t realise the immediate risk, however these are the only venomous snakes in the UK and harmful to people and pets if bitten.

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"Our wee dog is now being monitored overnight at the Animal Hospital and is thankfully doing OK so far.

"If you see one of these please avoid."

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Adder bites are fairly rare, according to Vets4Pets, with the snakes generally only biting in self defence if they are disturbed by the dog.

Incidents involving dogs are most likely to occur between April and June when adders are most active.

Symptoms include swelling around the wound which may have two puncture marks in the centre.

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If the venom is absorbed into the rest of the body other symptoms include lethargy, fever, increased heart and respiratory rates, drooling, vomiting and a wobbly gait.

In severe cases dogs may collapse, have blood clotting problems, organ failure, tremors or convulsions.

Owners should take their dog to the vets if they have been bitten by an adder.

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