Dog needs op after stealing a stone – just like Disney character namesake

An X-Ray showed the stone but luckily Maui is now doing much better
An X-Ray showed the stone but luckily Maui is now doing much better (Picture: Vets Now/Disney)
When Paula Meanwell named her four-month-old Doberman puppy Maui after the character in the Disney film Moana, she had no idea the story was going to translate into real life. In the movie, Maui steals a sacred stone – and his dog namesake also got into trouble by taking a rock.

He managed to dislodge a stone from his owner’s fireplace – then gulped it down, where it got stuck in his intestine.

Maui needed an operation to remove the stone after staff at Vets Now’s pet emergency clinic in Hull spotted it on an X-ray.
Maui and big sister Moana
Maui and big sister Moana (Picture: Vets Now)
Maui and his owner
Maui and his owner (Picture: Vets Now)

His owners took him for treatment as he was suffering chronic nausea but still wanted to eat and drink normally.

She said: ‘Maui’s a brilliant dog – always playing, full of fun and in at everything.

‘About a week before he got ill we noticed he was getting fixated with the stones around our fireplace. He was using his mouth to prise them free, pick them up and then carry them across the floor where he dropped them.

The X-Ray showing the stone
The X-Ray showing the stone (Picture: Vets Now)
Maui in his cone
Maui in his cone (Picture: Vets Now)

The tick should come out on its own and be stuck to the cotton ball when you remove it.

‘So my husband and I started removing them so he couldn’t do it anymore but he obviously decided to swallow one when we weren’t looking.

‘The staff at Vets Now were great and had the stone zipped up in a plastic bag when we went to collect Maui in case we wanted it back.’

The wound he had after the op
The wound he had after the op (Picture: Vets Now)
Maui got his name as they have an older dog named Moana from the title character in the film. Paula added: ‘It seemed natural to call this one Maui but I never dreamed he’d live up to the role so much!

‘It was all quite a drama and he came home with a big lampshade collar round his neck to stop him trying to lick the stitches.

Maui (Picture: Vets Now)

‘But he recovered fairly quickly from all it all and it wasn’t long before he was back to his bouncy normal self.’

Senior vet Susana, who led the team looking after Maui, said: ‘You never expect to have a Disney character and storyline playing out on your shift.

‘But we’re prepared for all emergencies – including stones lodged in the intestine – and we were just pleased we could help.

Plan for When You’re Not There. Make sure your pets are provided for during those long hours when you’re away. Dr. Becker suggests technological options. “DOGTV has stimulation and relaxation channels, and there are apps that control contraptions that talk to your pet, or dispense treats. Pheromone sprays can also reduce anxiety, creating that kumbaya atmosphere.” And, of course, daycare and dog walkers are a great way to enrich your pet’s day. “Know someone who wants exercise? Maybe they’ll walk your dog.”

‘Maui was such a lovable little dog and this could have become very serious if his owners hadn’t acted as quickly as they did.’

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