Dog named Miracle that survived Hurricane Dorian making inspiring recovery

Call it a miracle comeback.

The frail dog that was rescued in the Bahamas last month after spending three weeks trapped under rubble in the wake of Hurricane Dorian is making an inspiring recovery from a host of ailments under the guidance of Florida's Big Dog Ranch Rescue.
Miracle is making an arduous recovery at Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Florida after being saved from the rubble of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.
The dog was named Miracle after a drone equipped with infrared heat-seeking technology found the pup pinned under an air-conditioning unit weeks after the storm destroyed Great Abaco, the hardest hit of the Bahamian islands by the Category 5 hurricane in September.

He survived three weeks without any food by craning his neck to lap up rainwater from a mud puddle that was within reach of where he was trapped.

Miracle was unable to eat more than a few bites of food at first because of how much his stomach shrunk while he was trapped, Big Dog Ranch Rescue spokesman Chase Scott said in a statement to TODAY. He has been fed every two hours since being transported to the ranch in Florida.

‘Miracle’ dog found alive in Bahamas rubble 3 weeks after storm

The dog also has been treated for parasites that he ingested while drinking out of the mud puddle. In addition, Miracle is healing from cuts in his mouth and abrasions on his body from his attempts to chew his way out of the rubble.

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Miracle's muscles also atrophied after being stuck under the air-conditioning unit, so he has been on a planned schedule of movement and massage to help him regain the ability to walk.

He remains quarantined from other dogs at the ranch for his protection and is currently battling a respiratory infection.

Miracle is learning to walk again and slowly regaining weight after surviving for three weeks on rainwater while trapped under an air-conditioning unit.
"Miracle is a fighter and a hero, and we know he will win this latest battle,'' Scott told TODAY. "He is walking a little more, has put on a few more pounds, and the sparkle in his eyes is as loving as ever."
Officials at Big Dog Ranch Rescue have not been able to locate his previous owner. There is the possibility that the dog is that only survivor from his family considering the devastation in Great Abaco. More than 50 people were killed as a result of Hurricane Dorian.Big Dog Ranch Rescue has rescued more than 162 dogs from the Bahamas and reunited 69 with their families. It also has delivered 100,000 pounds of food and medical supplies, as dozens of pets are still being found after being abandoned during the storm.

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