Dog looks so different after grooming owner doesn’t recognise him

Dog looks so different after grooming owner doesn't recognise him
Nanuk before his groomer’s appointment (Picture: CATERS NEWS AGENCY)
Samoyeds are known for their white, fluffy coat, which looks like a lion’s mane around their face.

They’re so fluffy and white, in fact, that they’re barely able to be spotted in flurries of soft snow.

Seven-year-old Samoyed Nanuk isn’t recognisable at all now, though, after a mishap at the groomers left him looking more like a Bull Terrier. The pup, from Florida, US, was left bald and even needing to wear sun-cream and a jacket after his surprise haircut. Owner Carley Coca, 28, says she asked her local groomer for a ‘trim of his upper coat’ but couldn’t stop laughing when she saw the end result.

When she came back to collect her pet, she couldn’t even recognise him because he looked so different after the ‘trim’.

Dog looks so different after grooming owner doesn't recognise him
Yes, this is the same dog (Picture: CATERS NEWS AGENCY)
Carley, an occupational therapy doctorate student, said: ‘When I went to pick up Nanuk from the dog groomers, and I literally said out loud “that’s not my dog!” ‘The groomer assured me, it was Nanuk and I even had to call him to check but he looked like a complete different breed.

‘Nanuk seemed to love the haircut – he acted so proud but he’d never looked like that before, I was so shocked.’

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Carley and her husband Michael, 28, a tax accountant, were in fits of laughter, but the groomer didn’t seem to understand what went wrong.
Dog looks so different after grooming owner doesn't recognise him
Thakfully Nanuk’s fur has grown back (Picture: CATERS NEWS AGENCY)

‘I couldn’t stop laughing – I remember saying can you just trim the long hairs off his feet and ears?

‘It was awful really as the man who had groomed him was obviously so proud of his work, so I felt like I just had to smile and let it go.’

Although it was a mistake due to what Carley asked for being lost in translation, the couple have decided to take Nanuk and their two rescue pups Sadie and Mucca to a different groomer in future.

‘You do have to be careful with Samoyed fur, and they shouldn’t be cut like that really,’ said Carley.

‘But he was never cold – he honestly seemed to love it. Although I did love having to put sunscreen on him, and at one point even a t-shirt to try and protect him.’

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