Dog left with scars due to a too-tight muzzle finds a forever home

mercedes the dog with facial scarrings due to a too-tight muzzle
Mercedes, who’s been renamed Sadie, was left with scarring due to a too-tight muzzle being left on for hours (Picture: RSPCA)
When Mercedes the Staffie cross arrived at the RSPCA’s Chesterfield and North Derbyshire branch last summer, she had strange markings around her nose. Staff at the shelter believe this scarring was caused by the dog’s previous owners leaving a too-tight muzzle on Mercedes’ nose for long periods of time, causing a painful wound all around her face.

Once the wound healed Mercedes was left with a scar of what had happened, with the fur around it growing back white.

She came into the branch after being rescued by inspectors.

Steph McCawley, from the branch, said: ‘Mercedes came to us from Greater Manchester Animal Hospital. ‘She was rescued by RSPCA officers after concerns were raised for her welfare and vets found the scarring around her nose.
mercedes the dog
Once the wound healed the dog’s fur in the area grew back white (Picture: Miguel Freitas)

‘We believe this old injury was caused by a muzzle or halti-collar being left on her nose for long periods of time and being too tight.

‘It caused a nasty wound to her face which has healed over time and the scarring has caused the fur to grow back white.’

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When Mercedes first came into the shelter she was timid and nervous around people.

It took staff weeks of patience and gentle care to slowly build her trust and confidence.

Soon Mercedes’ personality shined through.

mercedes the dog
After being rescued Merceds was very shy at first (Picture: RSPCA)

Steph said: ‘Once she got to know us and built relationships with individuals she was such a lovely, friendly dog.

‘Whenever you came to see her or take her for a walk she’d get giddy with excitement, it was so sweet.

Ben Clark, from Chesterfield, had been looking for a dog for some time when he and his partner Kirsty.
They ended up visiting the Chesterfield RSPCA branch seven times before they found their perfect match in Mercedes.

‘I felt really sorry for her when I saw her scarring and heard her story,’ said Ben.

merceds sadie the dog
Mercedes – now called Sadie – has found a forever home (Picture: RSPCA)

‘I was really sympathetic to what she’d been through and I think that’s really made me persist and spend lots of time helping her to settle and learn to trust people again.

‘I’m so glad I got her and have been able to help her.

‘When we first met her we were told she hated men and kept herself to herself but when they first brought her out she was just so soppy and laid her head on my legs.’

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The couple reserved her and, after moving house, brought her home in September. Mercedes – now renamed Sadie – is now loving life as a spoiled pooch. Ben added: ‘Sadie settled in really quickly and definitely sees it as home. She loves the car and really enjoys travelling with us to see family – and their dogs!

‘We’ve been working on training her and although we’ve had a few bumps along the way – such as some of her destructive behaviour – we’re getting on really well.

‘We’re working on some of her issues and she’s become really gentle and loving.

‘She is nothing like the timid dog we first got, now she loves company and is just as happy to do her own thing.

‘She’s come a long way and I’m very proud of her.’

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