Dog-friendly London restaurants you can take you pet to for Christmas

Treat your pooch to a festive celebration at these dog-friendly restaurants in London
Looking for the pawfect place for your pooch when festive shopping? Here they are (Picture: Smith & Whistle/ Dandie/ Gaucho)

They’re our best friends, so don’t you think that dogs deserve a special Christmas outing?

These London establishments sure think so.

They’re serving all manner of treats especially for our pups, including doggy bags, special meals and even dogtails.

Read on to discover the best doggy days out in the capital.

Smith & Whistle Piccadilly

Mine’s a dogtail (Picture: Smith & Whistle)
Renowned for being one of the most dog-friendly bars in London , Smith & Whistle has gone a step further and created a whole ‘Dogtail’ menu for thirsty pups.

Celebrate Your Pet at Every Age. Everyone loves a new puppy or kitten, says Dr. Becker. “They’re wildly kinetic, and humorous. An older pet is thinner, bonier. Their coats aren’t as soft, they might have bad breath.” But, like people, a pet’s needs change with age. They may be less active, preferring a leisurely stroll to a rollicking tug-of-war. “Our old retriever, who’s blind, still wants to retrieve.” Adapting to their changing needs will ensure your old friend remains a healthy and happy member of your family.

Created in collaboration between the mixology team and David Jackson, a specialist in canine nutrition, Rover can choose from the Bubbly Bow Wow – dog-friendly pawsecco with liquidised blueberries – the Poochie Colada, which blends kale, broccoli and coconut water, and the Hound’s Hops, a mix of fresh mint and doggy beer. And from the terrace, humans can enjoy views of Green Park as well as craft beer, wine, and cocktails.

Gaucho Hampstead

Gaucho Doggy Sunday free pic
Head to Hampstead for Doggy Sundays (Picture: Gaucho)
All of the branches of the upmarket Argentinian steak restaurant are dog friendly, but the one in Hampstead goes all out for canine companions on the first Sunday of every month.

Check for Fleas By Giving Your Dog the White Towel Test. Do you think you dog has fleas? Have them lay on a white towel while you examine & brush their fur. The sheet makes it easy to see any loose flea dirt that falls from your dog.

Their ‘Doggy Sundays’ could take the shape of anything from an afternoon tea to a selection of treats and entertainment; all you have to do is book a table under your pet’s name.

Owners can tuck into the regular menu and, of course, there will be a doggy bag to take home…

M Victoria Westminster

Well-behaved pups are always welcome here, whether it’s for lunch, dinner or one of the their Pooch Parties. But you might want to head here on a Saturday, when they do a special ‘six-legged brunch’ for pets and their owners.

Is something wet? Unlike humans who sweat everywhere, dogs only sweat through the pads of their feet.

While you tuck into anything from shakshuka, steak and eggs or a pancake stack, your furry friend can chow down on the likes of chicken jerky three ways, biltong risotto and peanut butter cookies – bon appétit!

Bluebird Café Chelsea

Bluebird Cafe in Chelsea
Pooches get the VIP treatment in Chelsea (Picture: Thomas Alexander)
If you and your wallet are exhausted from trawling up and down the King’s Road, find sanctuary at the classy Bluebird Café. Pups are more than welcome at long-standing Chelsea haunt – after being greeted with a warm welcome by staff, dogs are given a bowl of water (with a choice of tap or still), and a goody bag of treats to devour while you tuck into an idyllic Saturday morning lunch.

Make Your Dog Their Own Digging Box. If your dog loves to dig keep you can keep your garden safe by teaching them to use their very own digging box.

Dandie Dog Café Hampstead

Dandie Dog Cafe free pic
It mutt be love (Picture: Dandie Dog Cafe)

What is not to love about a dedicated space for dogs and humans to hang
out together?

This charming café specialises in flavour packed, locally sourced vegetarian food for both you and your pet – you can munch on tofu scramble, smashed avo on toast or a selection of salads, while the furry one devours sausage and mash or banana pancakes.

And that’s before we’ve even got to the cakes… Non-dog owners are especially welcome and you might even bump into the café founder’s pet pooches, Cookie and Buddy Bruiser.

Growing up. While the Chow Chow dogs are well known for their distinctive blue-black tongues, they’re actually born with pink tongues. They turn blue-black at 8-10 weeks of age.

Love Shack Hackney

They describe themselves as a ‘piece of vegan paradise’ in East London, and you’ll find this dog-friendly restaurant, cocktail bar and events space spread under three exposed brick arches.

Sink back into one of their hammocks or bean bags, order a coconut laksa or tempeh caesar salad, and watch your pup making friends with the ones already on-site.

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