Dog for adoption - Sky, a Border Collie & Australian Shepherd Mix in Los Angeles, CA

Meet Sky

WARNING ???? Sky’s before pics aren’t the worst thing we have ever seen, but they are sad- very very much sad. Sky is as good as it gets; he is so brave and so patient… this kind of patience and bravery is instinctual. Instinct kicked in cuz he kept going - even after he was saved and started treatment, through his pain, through the unfamiliar, he kept going. We hope he knew we were on his side. ‘We’ meaning #MuttScoutsVillage. He had no idea he’d ever heal, if he’d ever be saved from the pain he felt every day. For all he knew, that day could have been his last. But he kept going, surviving with one of the most severe cases of facial TVT we have ever seen. We are proud to be a rescue that will take some of the most dire cases in many ways but we have taken in dogs left with half a face many times (ranging from invasive diseases, life threatening illnesses, extreme abuse, or anything we have yet help our future dogs’ survive)… success stories like Sky’s are a slow n low rate of recovery. But please…LOOK AT THIS DOG! Dogs like Sky keep us going… he loves everyone and everything and deserves everything good. He is ready to *finally* live the life he’s always deserved. Please share far and wide ?

Use a plastic pitcher to store and dispense dog food. It takes less time and keeps the food fresher. I use the MUJI rice storage dispenser, which comes with a handy measuring cup.