Dog facing fourth Christmas in kennels is asking Santa for a new home

Sue the lurcher
Sweet Sue deserves a loving family (Picture: RSPCA)

A loving home has been on one lurcher’s Christmas list for the past four years.

Sue has spent almost her whole life in RSPCA care and is now facing another Christmas in kennels.

During her time at the shelter, adorable Sue has watched 1,000 of her canine friends go to their forever homes – leaving her behind.

So the sweet four-year-old pooch has now penned a letter to Santa Paws asking for a new home.
Sue the lurcher
She’s about to spend another Christmas at the shelter (Picture: RSPCA)
Sue was rescued from the Bath area and arrived at the RSPCA’s Bath Cats and Dogs Home on August 22 2017.

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She was given a glimmer of hope in 2018 when she was rehomed for a short period – but unfortunately the canine was brought back to the shelter when the adopter’s circumstances changed.

Staff say Sue is a ‘sweet and clever pup’ who can get a little overexcited, so would benefit from owners who can continue her training.

She loves to chase things, so walks on a lead with a muzzle unless she’s in a secure field – so any new owner will also need to be confident taking this muzzle on and off.

Sue the lurcher
Sue with her letter (Picture: RSPCA)

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Sue the lurcher
She loves to play and cuddle (Picture: RSPCA)

Sue also loves affection and to curl up on the sofa with you and is friendly with other animals – but would probably be best-suited to an adult-only home where she is the only dog.

The pooch is also very intelligent and has already mastered the basics of ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ – and can no doubt pick up more with some training.

Sue the lurcher
Sue has watched 1,000 of her canine friends go to their forever homes (Picture: RSPCA)
Rachel Jones, the chief executive of Bath Cats and Dogs Home, said: ‘We’re at a loss as to why poor Sue hasn’t been rehomed.

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‘We all absolutely adore her and love taking her out for long walks and giving her lots of attention but we’re desperate to find her her own home.

‘We believe Sue is around four so she was just a youngster when she came into our care and has spent her whole life with us.

‘It really is time that she makes a fresh start with a lovely new family who can finally show her the love and security that she deserves.’

Sue the lurcher
Sue has written to Santa asking for a new home for Christmas (Picture: RSPCA)

Staff say that while Sue has some challenging behaviours, she is a big softie at heart.

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This good girl is most definitely on Santa’s nice list – so hopefully a loving new owner is in the stars for 2022. Find out more about Sue online or contact Bath Dogs and Cats Home on [email protected] .

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