Dog Elected Mayor of Kentucky Town

Finally, a candidate we can all believe in.
Dog mayor Brynneth Pawltrow

If the current state of American politics has got you down, this bit of news may just cheer you up a little.

According to Lex18, an NBC affiliate in Kentucky, a small community named Rabbit Hash has elected their new dog mayor. That’s right, new.

A 3-year-old Pit Bull named Brynneth Pawltrow will take over office from current mayor Lucy Lou, a Border Collie, who happened to be the town’s first female in that position.

As announced on the Rabbit Hash Historical Society website, Brynneth Pawltrow won her position with a tally of 3,367 votes.

“[Brynneth’s] owners say that she is a rescue dog who loves tennis balls and licking people,” Lex18 reports.

The Rabbit Hash Historical Society notes, “In an unprecedented move, [we] have given official positions to the 1st and 2nd runner ups, Bourbon and Lady, as Ambassadors to Rabbit Hash. In the case that the official mayor is unavailable for an event or obligation, the Ambassadors will fill in.”

There was evidently a peaceful transfer of power, too, as former Mayor Lucy Lou (who was the first Rabbit Hash dog mayor to live through her entire eight-year term) “Sniffed the butts of all the candidates and has given her approval to the Mayor elect, Brynn.

If only all politics were this adorable and hopeful.

Image via Rabbit Hash Historical Society