Dog defies the odds by living his best life on two legs

We often talk about just how fantastic our four-legged friends are, but as it turns out, they are equally amazing with just two legs.

Deuce, a three-year-old dog from Kentucky, has led a rough life. The pup was abandoned in a ditch, with his legs broken and infected, and to save his life, vets had to remove two of the injured limbs, leaving Deuce with two legs.

But the remarkable dog has defied the odds, living his best life on the remaining limbs.

Not only can he hold himself up on them, but he also runs and plays without the help of prosthetics or a wheelchair.

After being rescued, he was adopted by Domenick Scudera, a theatre professor from Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Deuce isn’t the first dog with disabilities that the 55-year-old has taken in, he also has Cyrus and Lucky, both of whom also have two legs each. Cyrus, a 10-year-old terrier mix from California, was born without his front legs. Six-year-old Lucky on the other hand, a Baladi dog, is believed to have lost his in an accident in Egypt.
Deuce the two-legged dog lying on the grass
Deuce is a therapy dog, inspiring kids in hospitals (Picture: Domenick Scudera/SWNS)
‘Deuce is completely mobile and doesn’t need any extra help at all – he is amazing,’ said Domenick. ‘He defies logic.

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‘Although he only has legs on the right side, he is very strong and stable and can walk and run just as steadily as any other dog with four legs.

‘Deuce doesn’t use a wheelchair. It is incredible that he is as agile and balanced as he is without one.’

Along with his brothers, Deuce works as a therapy dog on children’s wards in hospitals.

They are basically heroes on two legs.

Deuce the two-legged dog lying on the sofa
A beauty on two legs (Picture: Domenick Scudera/SWNS)
Deuce the two-legged dog running
His disability doesn’t stop Deuce enjoying life (Picture: Domenick Scudera/SWNS)
Domenick, known locally as ‘the guy who adopts two-legged dogs’ adds: ‘I have trained all three of these dogs to be certified therapy dogs who visit patients weekly at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital (BMRH) which has an amputee clinic.

‘I adopted them so that I could bring them to inspire patients in the hospitals.

‘They are symbols that tough times can be overcome and that you can thrive on the other side of adversity.

‘I know that they make people feel good and that they are very inspiring, so I am happy to be able to share them with the people I meet and with the people that follow them on social media.

‘Of course, they are also my pets. Disabled animals are not always easy
to place, and I am happy to be able to provide a loving home for them.

Deuce sat outside Ursinus College, where his owner works
Deuce outside Ursinus College, where his owner works (Picture: Domenick Scudera/SWNS)
This is the life-affirming story of Deuce, an odds defying two legged therapy pup who proves without a shadow of a doubt that you really can?t keep a good dog down. See SWNS stry SWBRwonderdog. This is the life-affirming story of Deuce, an odds defying two legged therapy pup who proves without a shadow of a doubt that you really can?t keep a good dog down. Deuce; a three year-old Kentucky brown dog was found abandoned in a ditch with broken and infected left legs which later had to be amputated. Luckily Deuce found his forever home shortly after and was adopted by Domenick Scudera who now has THREE two legged dogs in his care. Against all odds and despite losing both of the legs on his left side Deuce is able to keep himself upright without the use of any prosthetics or wheelchairs using only his right legs and he just as agile as a four legged dog.
A proud pooch living an incredible life (Picture: Domenick Scudera/SWNS)

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‘They have completely changed my life for the better. They mean the world to me.’

If you were looking for inspiration on how to cope during lockdown, you’ve found it.

Just think of Deuce whenever you feel blue.

If you fancy seeing more of him and his equally marvellous brothers, you can find them on Instagram.

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