Dog becomes foster dad to kittens waiting to find forever homes

Raylan the nine-year-old Shepherd mix isn’t just a lovely pal to owner Laura Tindal – he’s also been a foster dad to a continuous stream of foster cats and kittens for the last six years. Laura has fostered more than 60 cats and kittens, helping them stay happy and healthy while they wait to find their forever homes. And Raylan the dog is always there to offer support, cuddling up with the kittens when they need some comfort, patiently putting up with playtime, and carrying the tiniest kittens with his mouth.

He basically treats each cat and kitten as though it were his own puppy.

 Raylan the nine-year-old Shepherd mix nurturing and caring for cats
Raylan has helped care for more than 60 cats and kittens (Picture: @raylan_the_dog/Caters News Agency)
‘I have no idea why Raylan loves kittens,’ says Laura, from Toronto, Canada.

‘I brought home the first foster kitten when he was three years old and I was ready to keep them isolated from each other to be safe.

Raylan the nine-year-old Shepherd mix dog acting as a foster dad to two kittens
Raylan had an instant bond with the first kitten Laura fostered (Picture: @raylan_the_dog/Caters News Agency)

‘However, Raylan immediately wanted to lick the cat and sleep with him and he was so gentle. It just seems to be in his nature.

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‘I’m so happy seeing Raylan with his kittens because he’s so content and also entertained!

Raylan the nine-year-old Shepherd mix dog cuddling three tiny kittens
Raylan likes feeling like he has a job (Picture: @raylan_the_dog/Caters News Agency)

‘He’s a really smart dog who needs to be mentally stimulated constantly.

‘So when he has his kittens he’s amused and feels like he has a job, which allows me some time to watch TV without guilt.

‘But truly, seeing how sweet he is with the kittens and seeing how much the kittens just love him like a mother is truly heartwarming.’

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