Dog Adoption Checklist:Things You Need Before Adopting a Dog

Dog Adoption Checklist

In this article, we will speak about the dog adoption checklist. Adopting a dog requires investing in equipment, preferably before it arrives. Then it is necessary to renew them throughout his life.

Before your new dog arrives; there are a few things you need to prepare to make sure that he is comfortable and happy in his new environment.

Here is a dog adoption checklist :


The choice is vast between rugs, baskets, cushions, even sofas, and dog beds! Although they are often very attractive (and very expensive!); They are not always practical for a puppy who nibbles everything and is not yet clean; so a wicker basket is not suitable for example.

Remember to give, a few days before taking the puppy; a piece of cloth to put in the litter’s sleeping place. The first night, this fabric imbued with the scent of his siblings and mother will soothe the puppy a lot.

Some educators suggest putting him to sleep in your room; others in the hallway, others where you want him to sleep.

I think the latter solution is still the best; anyway, your puppy will cry no matter where he sleeps the first night; so you might as well get him used to where he is sleeping.

A word of advice:

Choose it fairly small at the start because it is walking around that stimulates the dog’s urge to urinate.


Here, two solutions are available to you. First, you can go for a classic necklace. We recommend that you choose a model that can be adjusted so that it can adapt to the growth of your animal; especially if it is a puppy.

Otherwise, you can choose another alternative, namely the harness. It helps prevent accidents that could injure your dog’s neck, if he pulls too much for example.

An inexpensive and easy summer treat for dogs: Cut up apples in chicken broth and freeze in an ice cube tray.

The dog house

The dog house is at the top of Dog Adoption Checklist. Adopting a dog requires investing in equipment, preferably before it arrives. Then it is necessary to renew them throughout his life. If you opt for a doghouse, the size of this should be double that of the adult dog. It is very important that it is dry and a little raised from the ground. Place a warm and cozy mattress there.

You must set up his kennel in the spring or summer so that he can get used to it little by little and especially before winter arrives.

Finally, don’t forget to check with your municipality about the laws in force concerning the dimensions imposed on dog kennels.


This time around, we recommend that you buy the toys that you think are the most fun. However, care should be taken with the size of your dog’s jaw so that he cannot inadvertently swallow the toy. Then all you have to do is analyze what types of toys he prefers.

Health book

The health record is an essential element to be able to ensure safe custody. Indeed, this book must be in your possession for the duration of the custody as a preventive measure if necessary.

In addition to this health record; do not hesitate to ask for the contact details of the veterinarian treating the dog you are going to have in custody.


If you are going to pick him up by car; go with another person who can reassure him during the journey. The best thing is to put a blanket with the scent of the litter on your lap and put it on it. If he cries, say no dryly and pat him immediately as soon as he stops.

If you are alone; opt for the transport cage to be placed near the driver’s seat so that you can reassure him by voice during the journey.

If the distance to be covered is long; take occasional breaks so that he can stretch his legs and relieve himself. Don’t forget the right collar and leash for your puppy/dog’s current size.


For your dog’s arrival and for his entire life, he will need two separate bowls: one for food, a second for water. It is essential that these are strong and stable so that your dog does not get them everywhere.

Regarding the material, we do not recommend plastic, because it emits odors, but rather metal or ceramic.

Use baking soda to get dog urine out of carpet. If you don't happen to have a product like Nature's Miracle on hand (maybe you're traveling or at a friends house), pour some baking soda over the spot, let it sit, and then sweep or vacuum it up.

A basket

The basket is an important element for the dog on guard. Because it will allow him to have a reference point in his new environment.

Depending on the dog, some may have a vari-kennel rather than a basket. It will be necessary to provide a larger space to be able to integrate this type of equipment in your home.

The leash

To walk your dog, especially if you live in town, you will absolutely need a leash. There are about five different types of leashes: retractable, metal, leather, lasso, and nylon.

However, they are not all recommended for various reasons. The best option is the nylon leash which is both light and strong.

Your dog’s first food

Coming to his new home is a huge change for your dog. So you can do a little thing: give him a bowl of the food he’s used to. Your dog will feel welcome and safe.

After that, you can decide what food you want to give him. By mixing the new food and the old together over a week; you can change a dog’s diet to what you think is best for them.

Ask the breeder, seller, or individual beforehand what type of food they are giving the puppy/dog and take the same food first.

If she doesn’t suit you, you can easily get her used to something else later. Two bowls should be provided depending on the current size of the animal, one for food, the other for water; which it should always have available.

In the beginning, follow the hourly rhythm and the quantity given by the previous owner; you will adapt it as you go.

Get information upstream from a professional

To ensure real comfort for your dogs, nothing better than to get information from a real canine professional. You can directly call a veterinarian who will be able to answer your questions instantly; or you can trust blogs from qualified people.

Forums can also help you make your decision. Indeed, sometimes there is nothing better than the opinions of others to know what is good or not for our furball.

The necessary equipment to cross the borders with your dog

When we cross borders while traveling with a dog; it is important to be well informed about the legislation concerning animals in the country of destination; and also to be aware of the conditions of carriage of the chosen airline, when we leave by plane. Be sure to prepare your dog’s trip in advance with our advice.

Here is the minimum requirement valid for most countries:

  • Vaccination against rabies (and anti-rabies titration according to the country of destination),
  • Certificate of good health issued by the veterinarian,

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  • Transport cage according to IATA standards (if you take the plane).

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