Do you know these fascinating facts about dogs?

Episodic Memory: Dogs use episodic like memory to remember things. This fact is proven by ‘Do as I Do’ trick, in which a dog watches a person perform an action and then does it himself. For example, a pet parent jumps in the air giving ‘Do It’ command, hearing which his dog jumps in the air too. But the dog’s memory fades if the time gap between the action and ‘Do It’ command is large.
They dream of you:Dogs dream like humans, about similar things. At various times during their sleep, we notice some dogs quiver, make their legs twitch, or may even growl or snap at things they see in their dreams. As family is their world, it is likely that dogs dream about their pet parents and activities with them. So, give your dog a pleasing daytime experience so that he can dream of you.

‘Grey’ hounds:
If you think only humans suffer from stress related grey-hair problems, you are mistaken. Dogs also have streaks of grey – a result from stress-related anxiety, fear of loud noise and unfamiliar animals and humans. Grey hair is more noticeable on their muzzle.

Stress buster:
Children with pet dogs feel less stress compared to those having parents for social support or no social support. Children who actively call their dogs to come, then pat or stroke the animals have lower cortisol than those who engage less with their pets.

They are also epileptic:Myoclinic eplisepsy is a brief shock-like jerk of a muscle or group of muscles. This neurological disorder is common between dogs and humans, because dogs have the same Myoclinic Epileptic genes found in humans.

Attention really matters:
Dogs are more expressive when you pay attention. It means your pooch produces more facial movements when you look at him. Dogs also stick out their tongue and bark more when they get attention. It is the attention you give which really matters.

They understand the concept of time:Do you think your dog knows when to go to the park for a walk even before you have taken out his leash? Yes, your dog does! Humans have the unique ability to construct artificial measures of time such as second, minute and hour. But dogs don’t perceive time the same way. They can be trained on past events and can anticipate future events. No wonder dogs get excited when you come back from work.

They smell fear: Most people with a fear of dogs believe that they can smell that fear when someone is afraid. Of course, dogs do smell fear and they get stressed when they do. However, dogs don’t necessarily smell only the emotion of fear. They can detect nervousness and anxiety too through smell, movement and body postures.

Heart healer:
Your care and compassion for your dogs can help you stay away from cardiovascular diseases. People with dogs have higher level of physical activity that could be counted as one reason to prevent heart diseases. .

They understand what you say:Many pet parents think their dogs really understand their words. That’s true as dogs have ‘rudimentary’ learning power to understand words. This is why dogs instantly perk up, become agitated and even start hunting for squirrels when their pet parents tell then one is close by. They have the capacity to process some aspects of human languages.

Genetic similarities: Gene contents of a dog’s microbiome shows many similarities to the human gut microbiome – rather more than pigs or mice. This comparison suggests that humans are genetically closer to the man’s best friends than we imagined.

Allergy-proof childhood: Children who have lived with pets when they were infants are less likely to develop allergies and other diseases later in their childhood. Such kids get benefits of germ exposure.

Jyaneswar Laishram;

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