Do dogs get colds and can they catch them from people?

This chap is feeling sorry for himself (Picture: Getty Images)

An awful lot of people are coming down with colds at this time of the year, but it is not just us humans who will be feeling under the weather as winter approaches.

Dogs across the country will also be getting a runny nose, getting weary and generally feeling rubbish as they come down with something very similar to our colds.

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The actual virus that your dog gets will be different from the one a human can catch, but the symptoms are very similar and they can get coughs, sneezes, runny noses and watery eyes like the rest of us.

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Dogs cannot catch common colds from humans, so don’t feel bad that they are feeling unwell, but they can certainly have the symptoms of one.

It is very common and nothing to worry about as there are simple remedies you can offer your pet, similar to ones you may consider for yourself.

Drinking plenty of fluids, eating well (particularly soup) and getting a lot of rest will all help your dog return to health.

Your dog will be smiling again in no time (Picture: Getty)

Another remedy is helping to clear some of your dog’s sinuses by inhaling steam.

You can do this by running a hot bath or shower and getting the dog to sit in the bathroom, or by running a humidifier in the room where the dog sleeps.

Dogs love the snow, but try and keep them warm (Picture: Getty)

If your dog is showing signs of a cold, or even before that, you should try to keep them warm throughout the winter months.

Dry them off quickly and thoroughly if they have been out in the rain or snow and if they are already unwell, then keep their trips out in bad weather as short as possible.

In most cases, these home remedies will be more than adequate, but if you have a very young or very old dog then it is worth considering a trip to the vet if they are displaying prolonged symptoms of illness.

Your pup might need a trip to the vets (Picture: Getty)

Other, more worrying, problems can exhibit similar symptoms but could need different treatment.

Kennel Cough will see your dog coughing regularly, although the hacking/honking sound should make it clear that is what you are dealing with.

An influenza virus will seem similar to a cold but your dog is more likely to be experiencing a fever, if so, you may have to see a vet.

As ever, common sense should help you prevail in these circumstances.

If your dog has the sniffles then there is no need to run to the vet, just as you would not hurry to the doctor over a cold.

However, more prolonged and serious symptoms are worth checking out with a professional.