Disabled Labrador Retriever inspiring others with thrilling adventures

Molly the Labrador Retriever and her own Jackie
Molly is living life to the fullest (Picture: Caters)
Molly the Labrador Retriever is 15 years old and has hind leg paralysis, but has not let her age or disability stop her from living life to the fullest. Her owners Jackie and Tony Clark love to take her swimming, walking and bike riding in her doggy wheelchair and Molly adores it. The couple first took ownership of Molly when she was just eight weeks old, but at the age of 13, their beloved pooch started to become lame in her back leg. ‘A couple of years ago she started to have a bit of trouble on one of her hind legs and found it difficult to walk, so I had to do some research and find out what she could do to make Molly comfortable,’ says care worker Jackie from Melbourne, Australia.

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After trying out several different therapies, Jackie took her to hydrotherapy.

Unfortunately, Molly would never be the same again.

‘My husband and I decided to try it out,’ Jackie recalls. ‘But after just one session she was not able to walk on her hind legs at all.

‘After this, we tried acupuncture, laser therapy and stem cell treatment and these treatments were good to rid her of a bit of discomfort and pain but none of the treatments got her legs working again.

‘We took Molly to the vet where we were advised that she might never walk again, and because of her age, if she was to be operated on, that she might not pull through.

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Molly pictured out walking in her wheelchair/chariot
Good girl (Picture: Jackie Clark/Caters News)

‘An option put to us was to put her down but I was at my wit’s end as to what to do because I knew she was still very active and loved.

She continues: ‘I thought about it for a while but then thought no, I care for the elderly and disabled, I’m sure I can care for my beloved Molly, and that was over two years ago now.

‘Molly now receives a myotherapy massage once a month which relieves a lot of tension on her muscles.’

Jackie says she’s ‘grateful’ that they didn’t take the option to put Molly down.

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Their adorable and brave pooch is more active than ever and a joy to be around.

‘It hasn’t slowed her down,’ explains Jackie. ‘She goes swimming and we go bike riding every day. If I don’t take her, she barks at me.

‘I go bike riding when I get home from work and my husband walks her at night as we have the wheelchair too.

Molly in the water with owner Jackie
Molly out on adventures with Jackie (Picture: Jackie Clarke/Caters)

‘The walks aren’t very far but I don’t want her to lose the ability to walk on her front legs because that’ll be the end.

‘I don’t want to be home on weekends. I want to be out and as long as she can enjoy life, I want to take her with me.”

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While enjoying an active lifestyle, Molly is also treated to some delicious meals and dog treats.

‘She has a better life than me,’ Jackie says. ‘I make her all her own food, consisting of steak, mince, chicken, liver, kangaroo, kidney, hearts, and vegetables.

‘She just brings joy to our lives, when you get home, you know she’s going to be there and she’s going to be excited to see you.

‘As soon as I put my hat on to go riding, she doesn’t shut up, she just barks until I get that bike out. Rain, hail or shine, Molly does not care, she wants to go out for a ride or walk, and so that is what we do.

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‘I know the day will come that Molly will slow down and not want to do anything, but until that day comes, we will do everything possible to make her life a joy.

‘She has been a blessing to us.’

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