Dilyn the dog could be key in virus fight

Maybe it’s just me, but I would trust the noses of ET, Kossi, Miina and Valo (‘Close to 100% accuracy’: Helsinki airport uses sniffer dogs to detect Covid , 24 September) and of any other such dogs far more than I would the recently released NHS Covid-19 app.Phil CoughlinHoughton-le-Spring, Tyne and Wear• Maybe Boris Johnson will try to combat the criticism of the government’s Moonshot mass screening plan by volunteering his dog, Dilyn, to be trained to sniff out Covid-19. Perhaps Dilyn could then take up a sniffing post in parliament and check passing MPs? Sam White Lewes, East Sussex• The culture secretary says it is important that students do not “give up a year of their life” by not going to university (Oliver Dowden defends university student lockdowns – video , 27 September). Since when was not going to university and doing something else instead seen as giving up? Stefan Badham Portsmouth, Hampshire
• No photograph of Boris Johnson or Donald Trump in the Drone Awards 2020 (Eyewitness, 28 September)? Perhaps next year. Toby Wood Peterborough• Obituaries: eventful lives well described. Then comes the surprise that the writer predeceased their subject. Ghost written (Juliette Gréco obituary , 24 September)?Val KirbyClynderwen, Pembrokeshire• Further to the Jesus correspondence (Letters , 27 September), seen on a wall in Cornwall: “Jesus Lives! However, he’s now working on a less ambitious project”.Lesley PoveySouthwick, West Sussex