Did you know that dogs can lose baby teeth too?

If you're a new puppy parent, you will constantly experience new changes in your pup every now and then. Your little fur friend is not fully developed in their younger years, in fact, their development can very much continue for several months. Some changes are obvious like hair-coat, behaviour and size while some like their teeth will be less apparent.
Now that we've made you wonder about dog teeth, you might be thinking when do their teeth change?
Timelines of development are surely different depending on the dogs. Although, the changes that occur in the dental development of puppies are very similar to that of humans. Just like children, baby dogs are born with no erupted teeth which basically helps for easy nursing and less discomfort for the nursing mother. Baby teeth develop and erupt in the first few months for a puppy, just like a child. This allows the puppy to begin eating solid foods and over a few more months, the deciduous teeth gradually get replaced by adult teeth.

This could also make you think if young dogs can face any baby tooth problems: Yes, they very much can. Even young dogs can have double rows of teeth and if baby teeth result in a crowded appearance, you need to consult a veterinarian. A common issue for dog teeth is the failure of shedding baby teeth and less common issue is the premolars and the incisors.

When new teeth don't erupt, it creates a space that allows other teeth to come in crooked. This will then impact the alignment of the jaws and impact the bite as well. If this isn't corrected, it will make it difficult for them to eat and chew. And when baby teeth don't fall out, it can result in crowding of teeth that can make their teeth grow crooked. This ultimately results in an improper line up of the jaws.

What should you do to solve these dental issues:
Baby teeth are supposed to be removed sooner than later as it is evident that they won't fall out naturally. Adult incisors will erupt by thee months and canines by six months. And if incisors don't fall out, then they should be removed too in order to make way for canines.

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