Democrat presidential candidate shakes dog’s mouth like it’s his hand

They say it’s best to greet those you meet with a firm handshake, showing confidence and approachability.

It seems that Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has taken that on board – so much so that he even applies it to dogs .

Video shows him grasp the dog by the upper jaw and shake.

Thankfully, the dog seemed to like it and didn’t bite him.

Former New York mayor Mr Bloomberg was at at campaign event in Burlington, Vermont, when he was introduced to the dog. More than 3,000 people have now liked the footage, which has been widely shared on Twitter.
Has…..has Michael Bloomberg ever met a dog before??? — Bear in the Big Blue Crackhouse (@alcoholicgay)

People were split over the video, with some saying the dog clearly enjoyed the interaction but others saying it was extremely strange.

‘That is weird AF,’ one user responded. ‘This gives credibility to the question, “What would a clone do the first time it met a dog?”.’

Another said: ‘Is he shaking the dogs mouth as if it were a hand?’

Someone else asked: ‘The dog is like “what the ruff is happening”’

However, others said the playful move showed he was comfortable around dogs – and that they did it with their own pets at home.

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One man said: ‘Totally appropriate way to greet this dog. Dog was obviously happy and comfortable around strangers. Makes @MikeBloomberg look nice.’

this is for you mike

— Brett (@Relentlessbored)

Another said: ‘Love it. Makes me more likely to vote for him.’

One person thought: My dog loves this, whatever, we all have our own weirdness. At least he acknowledged it. Trump would have hid from it.’ Bloomberg spoke to an audience of around 300 while visiting rival Bernie Sanders’ home state. Asked by a reporter why he’d be a better candidate than Sanders to take on Trump, he responded that he’d done it before, with his policy crusades for gun control and against vaping.

While Sanders is ‘the local favorite,’ Bloomberg joked, he argued that his business experience made him the strongest candidate and dismissed the senator’s calls for a political revolution.

‘In terms of a lot of people who think this country should evolve rather than have a revolution, I would be their choice,’ Bloomberg said.