Deaf and blind puppy named Piglet teaches kids about special needs pets

Puppy which looks like a pig all grown up
Glow up (Picture: @pigletpuppy/Instagram)

We interrupt your day to bring you a puppy piggy hybrid that will automatically make you say ‘aww’.

Okay, so this adorable pooch isn’t actually the result of a dog and pig who got rambunctious, it’s a wee puppy who just happens to look like a little porker.

And he’s aptly been named Piglet.

The young doggo is also deaf and blind which makes him all the more sweet.

Pastel-coloured and puppy-eyed, Piglet is a Dachshund Chihuahua mix.

He is the product of two dapple coloured parents and dapple-to-dapple breeding results in a 25 per cent chance of each puppy being ‘double dapple’, giving Piglet the rare look.

But this double dapple pattern is linked to congenital ear and eye defects that may result in partially or completely deaf and blind puppies.

That explains Piglet’s health status. Unfortunately for the youngster, he didn’t have the best start in life either as he was born in a home with 37 other different breeds where he couldn’t get the attention he needed.

Thankfully he was adopted by his now-owner Melissa Shapiro, from Massachusetts, who now uses Piglet to teach children about differences in animals.

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Puppy named Piglet sleeping
Look at that face (Picture: @pigletpuppy/Instagram)
Melissa explained to People why she chose to give him a forever home: ‘It was quite a decision to make. He is a lot of work and he is like a full-time job, taking care of a little disabled baby.

‘But he’s so cute, and we couldn’t give him away at that point.’

Now Piglet lives comfortably with six other canine friends. But when he first arrived at the apartment, it took him some getting used to, especially as he had been born in a hoarding situation.

‘He was so anxious, he was screaming constantly,’ added Melissa. ‘He would play, then go to sleep, but when he wasn’t doing either of those, he was screaming. I couldn’t leave the house the first month I had the dog here.’

Puppy named Piglet grown up
All grown up (Picture: @pigletpuppy/Instagram)

Not only does he entertain his humans, Piglet has been doing a lot of good work.

With the help of a year three teacher, Piglet now helps to teach children about special needs pets at a school in Plainville.
Lots of dogs
Spot Piglet (Picture: @pigletpuppy/Instagram)
Pupils even started a programme called Piglet State of Mind, encouraging themselves to think more positively. The initiative is now used in schools around the country, according to Piglet’s website Pink Piglet Puppy.

You can gander through the site to see the adventures of Piglet who is quickly growing into an adult.

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