Deaf and blind dog loves comforting owner's foster pets

Sherio the dog is a good boy. But the blind and deaf puppy has had a hard time trying to find a forever home.

He’s been passed around from home to home, having been fostered 12 times and adopted four times, only to be returned.

The heartbreaking experiences left Sherio with crippling anxiety and he used to cry on car journeys because he thought he was being rehomed again.

But his luck changed two years ago when one kind human – Sheryl Smith – decided to take him in.

Sheryl has a history of welcoming animals into her home and rehabilitating them.

When she found out about his past, she realised Sherio would take some work but he deserves a loving home.

He is now comfortable in his forever home and even helps Sheryl out with new foster pets.

Dog licking kitten
Sherio’s had a tough start in life (Picture: Sherio’s Shenanigans)
One of the most recent pets she took in was a kitten named Tina, who Sherio took a liking to.

Whenever Sheryl brings an animal home, Sherio watches protectively and takes care of them.

And the animals trust him too.

Cat hugging dog
Tina loves Sherio too (Picture: Sherio’s Shenanigans)
Sheryl explains to ‘He is almost three, I adopted him when he was a year old.

Give him the exercise he needs. All pets need regular exercise to stay fit and to release their energy. Without it, your pet will begin to act out. Young pets that do not get enough exercise are more likely to develop negative behavioral issues that lead many to give up their pet.

‘Sherio went through two different shelters in two different states, was adopted four times and in 12 different foster homes all in a year.

‘He’s deaf and visually impaired but he helps rehabilitate feral cats and kittens.

‘He knows how to comfort them and they trust him before they trust us.’

Dog being adopted
It took a while for Sherio to be adopted (Picture: Sherio’s Shenanigans)
The latest pet to come into the Smith home was a little kitten who they named Tina Tolley.

Tina was taken in as she was seriously malnourished.

Dog licking cat
He loves showering the foster pets with attention (Picture: Sherio’s Shenanigans)

Sheryl adds: ‘The kitten was almost dead when we found her. she was eating flying ants didn’t have much energy and was very skinny. She was found after a bad heatwave.’

Though Tina was a bit scared of Sherio first, the pair now get along and have become friends.

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