Dalmatian gives birth to litter of 18 puppies after 14-hour labour

Dalmatian and her little of 18 puppies
What a hero (Picture: Caters News Agency)
We’ve been living for dog stories in lockdown, from the adorable canine who has his tongue permanently stuck out to the Shepherd cross who fostered some kittens. But it seems there’s another four-legged hero, who goes by the name of Nellie. The three-year-old Dalmatian gave birth to an enormous litter of 18 puppies, after a gruelling 14-hour labour. The gigantic brood is made up of 10 boys and eight girls, which is double the size of an average litter – but not quite the number of the classic Disney tale.
Owner Louise Clement, from Preston, said Nellie had a great natural labour, but the puppies ‘just kept on coming.’

She said: ‘I thought she’d stopped after number 15, because it looked like she had laid down to go to sleep. But then along came another one, and two more after that.

‘Nellie is making a really lovely mum. I’m immensely proud of her, she’s been amazing.’

puppies around 4 weeks old
The spotty arrivals (Picture: CATERS NEWS)
close up of one of the puppies
Look at that face (Picture: CATERS NEWS)
Louise has been breeding Dalmatians for 30 years and currently has 27 dogs leaving paw-prints around the place.

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She added: ‘Fortunately, we have a lot of outside space and the dogs have lots of things to play with.

‘They’ve got their own Wendy House, and swings and slides that they love to play on. Some sleep in the kitchen, some sleep in the utility room, and some sleep in the living room. A couple occasionally join me in bed.’
nellie and her litter
Proud mama Nellie (Picture: Caters News Agency)
nellie and the puppies sleeping
Look at the sleeping angels (Picture: Caters News Agency)

The 46-year-old says she will keep just one puppy from the little and the rest will go to new homes.

While Nellie’s effort should be commended, it seems she did not break the record for most Dalmatian puppies born.
That title is held by an Australian dog called Melody – who had 19 puppies last year.

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