Dalmatian gives birth to huge litter and ‘Lucky' pup like Disney tale

the litter of Dalmatians and the lucky puppy
Lucy and her litter (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)
A Dalmatian has given birth to a huge litter with one ‘Lucky’ puppy – just like the familiar Disney tale. Mum Lucy gave birth to an adorable litter of 12 puppies, following a gruelling 15-hour labour. But owner Bridget Heffernan noticed one of the tiny newborns wasn’t breathing. Bridget, from Norfolk, said: ‘The minute he was delivered, I spotted straight away that something wasn’t quite right and you could tell he was already really small.

‘He was only 200g at birth whereas his brothers and sisters were around 500g.’

Luckily, Bridget managed to bring the little pooch around and bottle fed him – echoing the storyline of 101 Dalmatians where the owner saves the fictional puppy.
 Mum Lucy with her litter
The spotty litter (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

She added: ‘He nearly died at birth but came back to life, similar to Lucky in 101 Dalmatians.

‘The mum, Lucy, was busy with the other pups so I broke the bag and brought him round until he got breathing but he struggled to latch on to feed – it was touch and go at first and I was extremely worried.’

On day three following the birth, the little pup still hadn’t gained any weight so Bridget decided to bottle feed him every two hours during the day and night.

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Thankfully, he’s now fit and healthy – just like his brothers and sisters.

the miracle puppy
The miracle pup (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

Bridget said: ‘He was bottle fed until he was three weeks old before we weaned him onto food and once he got that, the rest was up to him and he managed to get back on his feet.

‘It’s a real life fairytale – he wasn’t good at all and if we hadn’t been about he would have died and I’m extremely proud of how far he’s come.’

When the puppies were first born, Bridget had to get up at 4:30am every day to attend to them. The litter munched their way through 12 bags of supplementary food while they were staying with her.

Lucy with her litter
They have all now found forever homes (Picture: Mercury Press & Media)

Now most of the little ones have gone to their new owners and Bridget ensured she found an extra special home for their ‘Lucky’ puppy.

She said: ‘It’s very rewarding seeing all the little puppies grow up from birth and finding their forever homes – they started to leave last Friday and now there’s only two left.

‘I’m used to spending three hours every morning sorting the puppies out because it’s completely manic but now it’s all a lot calmer – I don’t know if I like calm!’

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