Daisy is the the ‘unluckiest rescue dog’ who has spent 100 days at Battersea as no one will adopt her

Daisy, Battersea Dog and Cats Home
There’s plenty of life in the old dog yet (Picture: Battersea Dog and Cats Home)

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

However, it seems like little (or big, should we say) Daisy might not have a proper home even for Christmas, and will be spending it in a kennel in Battersea.

She’s now spent over 100 days at their rescue centre, and has been dubbed their ‘unluckiest rescue dog’.

The mastiff cross’ first stint at Battersea was in 2010, when she was just a young pup.

She stayed for just 15 days, but was returned this year, and has had no one register an interest in her since.

Daisy is nine, and people seem to be reluctant to take on a dog of her age.

Daisy, Battersea Dog and Cats Home
How could you not want to cuddle up with this cutie? (Picture: Battersea Dog and Cats Home)

However, the average time spent at Battersea – even for older animals – is 40 days, so she’s proving something of an anomaly.

Battersea centre manager Steve Craddock told Daily Mail: ‘Sadly, large breeds like Daisy don’t have as longer life spans as smaller dogs do, living for an average of around 10 to 12 years.

‘While Daisy is in the twilight years of her life, she still acts like a big baby. She loves to bounce around and play with her favourite people, curl up for cuddles and is always most comfortable carrying around one of her soft toys’.

Dogs under seven spend the least amount of time at the London dogs home, and puppies are in huge demand.

However, dogs like Daisy have a lot of love to give, and can actually be better suited to people’s homes and lifestyles.

Daisy, Battersea Dog and Cats Home
She still loves playing with toys and chasing squirrels (Picture: Battersea Dog and Cats Home)

Steve continued: ‘Older dogs, like Daisy, are already house trained and while many still have a lot of get-up-and-go, older dogs need a lot less exercise making them a lot less work for a new owner.

‘Older dogs are often much more relaxed than younger dogs, and in a lot of cases they would rather just have a cuddle on the sofa and some human affection, than be running around chasing tennis balls all day.’

Battersea describe Daisy as a ‘gentle and sensitive soul’ and say she walks nicely on the lead.

Once she’s settled into a home, she can be extremely loyal and loving.

If you think you might have a home for Daisy, check out her profile here .