Dachshund dumped at shelter with a giant tumor bounces back

Before a dog named Boo Boo could be adopted, she had something she needed to get off her chest. Literally.The 13-year-old dachshund was dumped at a municipal shelter in San Francisco with a mammary tumor that weighed 3.2 pounds — about a third of her body weight. She could barely walk.That’s when Muttville Senior Dog Rescue stepped in. “The guardians never took her in or tried to treat that tumor as it grew. And it grew to the point where it was literally dragging and starting to chafe on the ground because dachshunds have those little short legs,” Sherri Franklin, Muttville’s founder, told TODAY. “We immediately said we would take her because we knew that there was no way she was going to make it out of the shelter alive because it’s a big surgery and it’s an unknown.”
The team at Muttville wrapped Boo Boo in a belly band to hold up the tumor to help her walk and took her to a veterinarian to test for cancer. Happily, her bloodwork came back normal. Then a surgeon removed the mass — which turned out to be benign.
In addition to surgically removing the tumor, veterinarians spayed Boo Boo. About 90% of dogs who enter Muttville Senior Dog Rescue with mammary tumors have never been spayed or were spayed late in life.Courtesy of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

“She came to us as a happy dog who couldn’t walk,” she said. “Now she acts like a puppy. She has a whole new life ahead of her.”

Though many staff and volunteers wept when they first saw Boo Boo's condition, they cried tears of joy when she found the perfect forever home with San Francisco resident Ashley Shuster, 26.

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Boo Boo is a friendly dog who loves meeting people and dogs.Courtesy of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
“I’ve always wanted a dog,” Shuster told TODAY. “I was watching Muttville’s website really closely. Then I saw Boo Boo. She had a little party hat on in her photo. I was immediately drawn to her. Also, my grandma had dachshunds her whole life, and that brought up a lot of really good childhood memories.”When they met last month, she signed the adoption papers for the “total sweetheart. Now Boo Boo loves taking walks and running around off leash in a park near the Golden Gate Bridge.
Boo Boo and her new mom, Ashley Shuster, enjoy exploring San Francisco together.Courtesy of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

“She just loves being able to run around. She gets so excited. She’ll just like hop through the grass and it’s really, really cute,” she said. “She especially loves running around, I think, because it’s been so long since she was able to move this freely.”