Cute abandoned puppies named after Harry Potter characters find their homes

PUPPIES who were found under a 'cold, dark' cupboard under the stairs just like Harry Potter have all been adopted to loving homes.

RSPCA share the 'best rescues and releases' during lockdown

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Ginny, Hermione, Deloris and Luna were all named after characters from the film and book series, just like The Boy Who Lived protagonist. RSPCA Inspector Naomi Norris found the puppies and on a cold floor with no bedding, no light and no ventilation, along with seven other adult dogs.

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She said: "In a cupboard under the stairs in the hall we found four six-week-old puppies. I could see their ribs and spine and the vet said they needed to come out as soon as possible."

The eleven dogs were then seized by police and then taken into RSPCA care. However, sadly not all have been rehomed as one was even put to sleep.During her inspection at property in Merseyside, Naomi found a large fawn-coloured dog in a small cage in a lounge with no bedding, food or water.

Another dog was spotted wearing a shock collar, with a swollen untreated wound to his leg while some of the other canines had docked tails and cropped ears.

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Abandoned puppies named after Harry Potter characters

Hermione the dog's name was inspired from the Harry Potter series (Image: RSPCA)

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TeamDogs LogoJoin our brand new website TeamDogs now.When you get there, make sharing a picture of your dog in our Top Dogs feed your very brilliant first job.Maybe when you've done that, leave a recommendation to help fellow dog owners in theTeamDogscommunityNaomi said: “Outside, there were six large dogs in two runs in the garden. They all looked thin and the runs were thick with faeces. As the dogs were moving around the faeces was splashing up into the air.

"There were upturned buckets but no water available to them. These dogs appeared to have deteriorated since the last time I had seen them through the gate on January 3 and I was immediately concerned about them."

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The adult dogs - Aries, Winter, Brille, Artemis, Diosa, Storm and Akhira were all taken into the charity’s rescue centres .

Sadly, Artemis was put to sleep on medical grounds due to serious health problems.

Now, just like the Harry Potter puppies, the rest of the other rescued pooches have all found their new forever homes after spending a year within the RSPCA's care.Storm and Akhira have been rehomed together where they’re getting on really well with their new family.

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Abandoned puppies named after Harry Potter characters

The dog that was found cramped inside a cage that was too small (Image: RSPCA)Diosa, now called Callie, and Brille, now named Lola, were more nervous and wary of people, possibly as a result of their cropped ears and docked tails.

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Whereas Aries now called Acer and Winter now named Roxy were more confident.The dog's previous owner, James Joseph Haydon from Wirral, Liverpool, has now been disqualified from keeping animals after failing to provide clean, safe conditions.Haydon appeared at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, August 12, for sentencing as he did not meet requirements under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

The 22-year-old had previously pleaded guilty in January of this year to two offences under the same act.

Haydon was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, and ordered to attend 30 days of rehabilitation activity and thinking skills.

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He was also ordered to pay £250 in costs and disqualified from keeping all animals for five years.

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