Crufts 2019 LIVE updates: ADORABLE moment dog DANCES with owner and JUMPS through arms

CRUFTS 2019 has returned for the second day of competition in the NEC Arena, Birmingham, with flyball and agility taking place today. Here are all the latest updates.

This year’s Crufts competition has resumed for day two, and today will see activities such as agility, heelwork and flyball. The day concludes with the group judging for working and pastoral breeds. Below are all the latest updates and winners, with times in GMT.

12.35pm update: Dog dancing a winner at Crufts day two

The heelWwork is well underway at the NEC arena as the dogs show off their incredible dancing skills.

The four-legged pups are keeping a close distance to their owners, performing amazing routines and leaping through the air in dramatic fashion.

Crufts 2019

Crufts 2019: the amazing heelwork competition is underway (Image: YOUTUBE)

12.10pm: The Heelwork to Music competition has begun

The Heelwork to Music competition has begun, with winners of heats from up and down country competing to take home the trophy.

11.55am update: Crufts history and origins

Crufts is named after founder Charles Cruft, who was a manager for a dog biscuit manufacturer.

The first show was named First Great Terrier Show and took place in 1886 with 57 classes and 600 entries.

The first show called Cruft’s Greatest Dog Show took place in 1891 and was the first which saw dogs of all breeds invited to participate and had a staggering 2,000 dogs.

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11.34am update: Good Citizen Show demonstrates how best to live with your dog

The Good Citizen Show is currently underway at Crufts, with demonstrations of how best to train your dog.

How to keep your dog safe in the car, how to walk with your dog along a road and how to interact with other dogs are all the subject of the display.

They discourage keeping the dog on your lap in a moving car, instead suggesting to keep your dog in a crate in the boot.

Crufts 2019 live

Crufts 2019 live: The competition is off to a flying start (Image: EPA)

11.02am update: Last year's winners of Working and Pastoral titles

The winners of this year's Working and Pastoral medals are yet to be announced, but here's who won last year.

Winner of working: Newgradens Llori Nanya (Newfoundland), owner Ms D Ball

Reserve: Jojavik Penelope Pitstop (Dobermann), owner Mrs J A & Miss V L Ingram

Third: Lanfrese Ocolardo (Boxer), owner Mr M J Griffiths

Fourth: Snowshoes Aurora Borealis (Alaskan Malamute), owner Mrs J E & Miss J Smith

Winner of Pastoral: Nahrof Blurred Lines at Huntly (Border Collie), owner Mr & Mrs M Connolly

Reserve: Pemcader Thunderball (Pembroke Welsh Corgi), owner Mr K & L Dover & Saether

Third: Clingstone's Make My Day (Smooth Collie), owner Ms S & M Asikainen & Nyman

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Fourth: Mybeards Hero (Polish Lowland Sheepdog), owner Miss L Mottram

Crufts 2019 Live

Crufts 2019 Live: Dogs of all shapes and sizes can be seen at Crufts (Image: AFP)

10.30am update: Day Two Schedule

8:45am - 9:20am Agility – Crufts Large Novice and Medium ABC Final (Jumping)

9:25am - 10:15am Agility – Crufts Singles Heat – S/M/L (Jumping)

10:20am - 11:00am Agility – Crufts Team – Medium Final

11:05am - 11:25am Good Citizen Display

12:05pm - 1:30pm Heelwork To Music Competition

1:35pm - 1:55 Rescue Dog Agility

2:00pm - 3:00pm Agility – Crufts Singles Heat – S/M/L (Agility)

3:05pm - 3:55pm Agility – Crufts Large Novice and Medium ABC Final (Agility)

3:50pm - 4:40pm Flyball – Team – Quarter Finals

4:40pm - 4:45pm Heelwork to Music Competition Winner

5:00pm - 5:30pm Agility – Crufts Singles Final: Small, Medium and Large (Agility)

5:30pm - 5:55pm Eukanuba UK Champions Stakes

6:00pm - 6:35pm Breeders Competition Final

6:40pm - 7:25pm Group Judging (Working) and Presentation

7:30pm - 8:20pm Group Judging (Pastoral) and Presentation